Friday, November 9, 2012

Death Wish Club (1983) - Images from the best Film ever made

Okay, perhaps the BEST Film ever made is a slight exaggeration. It's certainly one of my most Favorite Movies. There's nothing quite like it. In fact, I'll say it right now, if you haven't seen Death Wish Club (AKA: Carnival Of Fools) by now, you haven't really been watching Movies. See it!

Popcorn mister?

 Hey, are you going to buy a bag or crap out? (Greta meets Youngmeyer)

Greta plays the piano at the club Manhattan

Greta captures the attention of Glen

I Who wouldn't fall under her spell?

Glen thinks about going to see John Carpenter's The Thing. But he can't stop thinking about Greta. So he settles on seeing one of the porn Films she's in.

Glen visits a sex shop in hopes to track down Greta. He gets the hard sell for a super lubricant called "Elbow Grease". But this can happen to anybody.

Glen is a medical student who works with dead bodies. A friend of Youngmeyer tracks him down, and then checks out the stiff's goods

"Hi, my name's Mary and I'm not contrary"

"I'm a fish! I'm a fish!"

Greta loves orange juice 

Greta works on interesting Movies

Greta likes to have fun 

Glen joins The Death Wish Club because of Greta

Greta reads a magazine Glen's Aunt visits. She also likes to check out the stiff's goods.

Glen cries. He misses Greta.

Greta reemerges as Charlie White

Charlie White and Glen

Charlie White loves a good cigar

Charlie White is good with the ladies

Charlie White and friends

Charlie White, Glen and the mustachioed Director

Charlie, Glen and a gun

Charlie really gets into this round of the Death Wish Club

Charlie has a knife

Charlie's wedding day. Glen objects.

Glen and Greta, back where they belong. In bed.

Greta, Glen & Youngmeyer

The final round of The Death Wish Club

Where the ball lands, no one knows

Glen and Greta sure do make a cute couple. Popcorn, anyone?


LitaMalibu said...

Well, I'm sold.

Ryan Clark said...

I'm sold, too. I just watched (and reviewed) Night Train to Terror and I thought I probably wouldn't end up seeing the individual films for a long time. But... it might have to be sooner!

MrJeffery said...

looks faboo.

Cinema Du Meep said...

I'm glad you guys are into seeing it now. It's kind of unforgettable!

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