Monday, August 16, 2010

Meep Pic Of The Week: Certain Fury (1985)

Certain Fury  
A New World Pictures Film  
Original Theatrical Release Date: March 1st, 1985
DVD Release: No :(

An Updating of The Defiant Ones, starring Fame's Irene Cara and Paper Moon's Tatum O'neal. Make no mistake about it, New World Picture's CERTAIN FURY is more of an exploitation picture than a sincere mismatched buddies on the run picture.

The movie's tagline "Two Academy Award Winning Stars... In the one motion picture that hurtles them from innocence - to fear - to rage!" Should tell you all you need to know. It's a lot of wacky fun. That's if your idea of fun is shoot outs with cops and in courthouses, crazy run-ins with deadly pimps and of course, heroin dens. This movie has it all... And a pretty good score, too.

Directed by the man who brought you Jake & Maggie... Stephen Gyllenhaal (He also wrote 1985's other exploitation goodie THE NEW KIDS)



Amanda By Night said...

I bought this movie on a whim, but haven't seen it yet. Hopefully, when we finally get our vhs in order, I can see it!

Cinema Du Meep said...

It's pretty fun. I remember watching it quite a few times back in the 80s.

Hal said...

I've been meaning to review this. Looking back, it's hard to understand why Irene Cara fell so hard after such a promising first half of the 1980's, but many people consider this film to be exhibit A.

Cinema Du Meep said...

I'm sure it didn't help. Though good roles for ladies of color were virtually nil back then... Not that they are so much better these days. Both actresses were slumming, though it's still a highly entertaining picture.

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