Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DVD Evaders: Looking For Mr. Goodbar (1977)

Can you believe it? Looking For Mr. Goodbar is not on DVD.

The long out of Print VHS from Paramount is fetching some pretty pennies lately. So why hasn't someone gotten their act together to rescue this late 70's drama from possible obscurity?

And who would have thought a movie that was deemed controversial for it's day, starring Diane Keaton (She won an oscar for that year's Annie Hall) directed by the great Richard Brooks (In Cold Blood) which made a solid showing at the box office would fade from the consciousness so much that it now just seems straight up forgotten about?

Hopefully it does see the light of day pretty soon as the folk who do remember it are more than likely fans. We would love to revisit the film and watch a great slice of late 70's filmmaking with a tragic and mesmerizing performance by Diane Keaton.

Released theatrically October 23rd, 1977 from Paramount Pictures
Also stars: Richard Gere, Tuesday Weld (Oscar nominated for her role), Tom Berenger and William Atherton

A Bar Scene from the film:


Amanda By Night said...

Love this movie. Only saw it once, but it's forever burned into my brain.

I'm shocked this isn't on DVD. How'd that happen?!?

Al Bruno III said...

I'd be willing to bet it is some kind of music rights thing...

Cinema Du Meep said...

I was thinking something similar, Al Bruno. I mean, look at that fantastic soundtrack. I think I need to get it now, actually!

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