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31 Days Of October Terror Images: Terror Train (1980)

Day 28:

Terror Train (1980)

While Doc and Mo do their thing, Jamie Lee & David explore some real magic together. 

Speaking of magic, why not buy the enchanting new special edition of Terror Train on Blu-Ray/DVD by Scream Factory today!

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31 Days Of October Terror Images: The Pit (1981)

Day 22:

The Pit (1981)

Forget Marky Mark & his snarky stuffed animal. The Pit is the best (and weirdest) Movie ever made about a boy and his teddy bear. Beware the tra-la-logs! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Days Of October Terror Images: Jennifer (1978)

Day 19:

Jennifer (1978)

She walks in terror, stilled with fright. A trail of fear, to fill the night!
Plus, she's totally crushing on Bert Convy. But look at the guy. The perfectly coiffed hair, the composure, the outfit. 
Who wouldn't?

New Movie Show Review: Sinister (2012)

Sinister (2012) - Wish I could say that I loved it, but alas, I was disappointed.

Some creepy moments and jump scares sprinkled throughout, but the Film leads you down a path of cheese. I didn't buy into it, most likely because I didn't care much for the central character. Self possessed writers who put their family in jeopardy for the sake of possible book sales need to be more interesting or likable in a Stephen King sort of way. Or maybe they just don't need to be Ethan Hawke. I haven't found him all that interesting to watch in years.

While watching Sinister, I was reminded of a similar film, Stir Of Echoes. Except I ended up liking that one a lot more, and I enjoyed it's flawed central character played by Kevin Bacon. He was a fuck-up, but you liked the guy. I suppose you don't have to absolutely like your main character to enjoy a Movie, but I think it helps when a Movie goes off it's rails and asks you to buy into some potentially silly things.

Ethan Hawke wears glasses, a cozy sweater and a college t-shirt. He's a writer, get it?

Maybe the more you see of the horrors (there are a bounty of scenes where Ethan Hawke dives into the mystery via 8mm snuff Film footage on a projector, computer, printouts, etc.) the less potent it becomes. Sinister, I suspect, is also a Movie about voyeurism into evil. But it's a theme explored in other Films with a bit more sophistication.

Not a bad Film, but it did have it's shortcomings. Speaking of which, this rather long Movie also needed to be about a good 20-30 minutes shorter. Sinister, when not trying to scare you, is also about a marriage on the rocks. Creepy dead children who may or may not be haunting you are a good reason to get on the phone with your divorce lawyer and just end it already.

Grade: C+

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