Thursday, December 13, 2012

Higgins' Haven: Population Ø - 13 Images of the heavenly Chris Higgins and her haven of doom

Welcome to Higgins' Haven!

Hey guys, who's been smoking dope in my van?

Chris Higgins lectures oh-so-dramatically to her friends while a surprise visit comes their way. 

Chris Higgins screams because she's either A) afraid of the corpse that's falling out of her closet or B) bummed that her favorite blue sweater might be lost.  

Chris Higgins tells her tale of being attacked and possibly captured by Jason. 

This story conjures up some very painful and mysterious memories for Chris. 

I hear ya, girl. 

Chris and Rick. Chris seems very happy. And then it all goes to hell. 

Jason has killed all your friends, Chris Higgins. 

Chris grabs some wood. 

And then Chris grabs an axe. It's time to deal with this. 

Chris Higgins gets a surprise from beneath the lake.  

Exiting Higgins' Haven. Crazy, but not forgotten. 

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