Thursday, November 8, 2012

Now Available on Blu-ray: They Live (1988)

Scream Factory released a must have Blu-ray this week. John Carpenter's They Live.

This release is chock full of extras that will make any fan giddy with delight. I loved seeing all the interviews (especially Keith David - I can listen to that guy for hours) and even the original EPK Material was interesting to watch. I really enjoyed watching some of those commercials that you see in the Movie briefly on TV a bit more fleshed out. They are hilarious!

Also great is the commentary by Carpenter and star Roddy Piper. It's refreshingly candid and laid back. Just two guys having fun, hanging out and reminiscing about their working experience which led to the great Film in front of you. They Live is also a must have because the remastered transfer of the Movie is superb, as is the audio. This is the best The Movie has looked and sounded since it came out in Theaters in 1988.

As the Blu-ray's clever sticker commands.... BUY

Also available on DVD.

Both available at Shout Factory's Website
and other retailers.

They Live's original artwork available with the reversible sleeve.

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