Friday, November 2, 2012

Meep Pic Of The Week: Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers (1989)

Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers
A Galaxy Release
Original Theatrical Release Date: October 13, 1989

A few weeks back I had chosen Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers as my Pic Of The Week. Truth be told, I actually enjoy Halloween 5 even more. It's more of a Slasher than the previous Film, which had a bit too much police interaction, especially in the second half which slows the Movie down. 

There are a few sequences in The Revenge Of Michael Myers that do really work... Tower Farm and The Laundry Chute scenes for instance, and I like that the Film has a bit of a more European flair --Thanks to the Swiss born, French speaking Director Dominique Othenin-Girard. His subsequent Picture after this one is the rather surreal Night Angel from 1990. I do like that one quite a bit. 

European Directors are generally a bit more hands on then Americans, especially with their Cinematography and lighting. And sometimes the Movies are a little better for it. Halloween 5, flaws (especially inherit in the weak script) notwithstanding, is one of the better looking Films of the series. I just wished they perhaps moved the locations away from the very limiting Salt Lake City, Utah. I would imagine returning to the Original Film's locations would have been an interesting contrast to the visuals of John Carpenter & Dean Cundey's first Film. 

I know Halloween 5 is notorious for a couple of things. For one, those dumb cops who are played for comedy, but then they are thankfully killed off and you're happy. And, of course, there's Tina. I have to say, I love Tina. She's the kind of gal who may drive you bonkers... Or in my case crazy with delight. Her wacky outfits alone have me cheering for her. 

Noooooo, Not Tina!!!!!

Anyway, babe. Don't change. Some of us love you!

More Halloween 5 fun:

Michael unmasked looks a bit girly, don't you think?

I remember seeing this at the Cinema in 1989... and that's a big memory for me because when I got home, I was totally busted for skipping school to go see this Movie... I remember believing that once Michael was unmasked, he was actually Laurie Strode. Or something like that. I was a mixed up teenager, what can I say...

On with the show:

Cute kids. But, Have you seen the Cookie Woman?

Mad Michael, Happy Loomis.

Sad Michael, consoling Loomis. 

Apparently the makers of Halloween 6 forgot that Loomis died at the end of Part 5. 

Creepy yet cool angled shot of Michael Myers. One of 5's nice little touches. 

Dr. Loomis is the best friend any niece-of-a-knife-wielding-maniac could have.


Mummbles said...

me and my friend often quote this movie.... TINA!!! lol. nice review

MrJeffery said...


Jonny Metro said...

Interestingly, when Chaos Comics had the licensing rights to the Halloween films, they had an issue (Halloween III: The Devil's Eyes) where a grown Tommy Doyle removes the Shape's mask to find Laurie Strode beneath it. So maybe you weren't as mixed up of a teenager as you thought.


Cinema Du Meep said...

Thanks guys.

Jonny-- Wow, thanks for sharing that. Now I can can rest knowing i'm not so crazy after all. Or am I? My name IS Michael after all.

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