Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Images from Happy Birthday To Me (1981) - A Tale Of Head Wounds, Scooby-Doo Hijinks And Dead Friends.

Images from Happy Birthday To Me (1981) - A real fun Slasher Movie ride.

Ginny (Melissa Sue Anderson) in the bathroom. We've all had this moment after getting on the scale. Ginny blows out her candles, daddy doesn't approve.
Bitchin' braids.
Ginny's mom, rejected from society. She does not like this. 

Gloved hands, Eyeball. The Giallo lives on. 
Ginny and her friends unwind after school with a drink or two. Ginny's shrink does his best Hamlet; scares kids with his ever-exposed chest.Class at Crawford Academy is a hair raising experience. Ginny has head surgery.
No wonder Ginny has all these headaches.
The headmaster at Crawford Academy. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Bernadette O'hara (Lesleh Donaldson) in the car.

Bernadette later loses her head.

Ann, as played by Lisa Langlois.

Ginny and dad have a moment.

Ginny takes a shower. Flashbacks ensue.

Ginny is happy and refreshed.

Ginny smokes some dope with Rudi.

Rudi sure is a strange fellow.

The big win.

More fun at the bar.

Ginny and Ann run to class.

Never fix your motor bike and wear a long scarf. Never.

Never leave your junk out on full display when overdoing it with the weights. Never.

Shish Kebab, anyone?

Where are the students indeed.

Maggie takes a dip.

The unmasking.

Ginny and her friends, together again, one last time.

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