Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rupert Pupkin's Bad Movies We Love

There has been a really fun blogathon over at Rupert Pupkin Speaks.

It's "Bad Movies We Love" - Lots of gems to be found there, even if they are labeled "Bad Movies" ...a term which doesn't frighten, deter or hold some sort of ironic detachment to us real Movie fans, anyway. We love what we love, regardless of what most think of it.

Why not start off with jdbrecords' post by Jeffery with some of his favorites:

And the rest of the posts can be found here:

And, okay, here's a Bad Movie I love. It's on the bottom 100 of the IMDb even...


FilmFather said...

I've been following the Bad Movies We Love series at Rupert Pupkin many bad movies, my palate can't take it all. Might we see your list of bad movies you love on there someday...?

And FYI, The Horror of Party Beach is now in my Netflix Queue. I'm expecting big things. :)

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Cinema Du Meep said...

One day, FilmFather! I'm a recent FilmFather myself so it's a little tough these days to spare some extra time. Will try!

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