Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meep Pic Of The Week: Delirious (1991)

Original Theatrical Release Date: August 9, 1991
Available on DVD (and currently streaming on Netflix)

This is a Film that I much prefer over the recently released and similarly themed Ruby Sparks. (A writer finds his creation has come to life--And he has the power to control it)

Delirious is a silly Movie, and it's never boring (unlike Ruby --which I sort of liked, but thought could have had much more fun with the concept) - I especially enjoy Dylan Baker ("I don't know why I'm so thirsty!") and any Movie that features a scheming character with an eye patch is a keeper.

Directed by Tom Mankiewicz (Richard Donner's longtime writing partner) - Sadly he passed away in 2010. A Rest In Peace also goes out to stars John Candy, Charles Rocket, Raymond Burr and Jerry Orbach. 


Mummbles said...

RIP John Candy, he was taken from us too soon.

Cinema Du Meep said...

He really was. I miss John Candy Movies.

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