Sunday, July 15, 2012

Preview Of The Week: Class Of 1984 (1982)

From United Film Distribution Company
Original Theatrical Release Date: August 20, 1982

I am The Future!

Class Of 1984 is, in it's own way, a hilarious reactionary Film to the problems of gang youth and high schools of the time. It's absolutely fantastic. Poor Roddy McDowall... Being driven to such lengths by these punks. And poor Michael J. Fox. He just wanted to play his oboe and then he ends up dead. What's wrong with these kids?

The leader punk, Stegman (how very waspy sounding!), also happens to be a classically trained pianist. I assume most evil punks would have a such a talent among them, just waiting to get out. It's a shame they can't control their urge to sell drugs, rape and kill... Oh well. You can't have it all. Class of 1984 thrilled me as a kid, and it holds up to this day. You just can't wait for Perry King to finally take his revenge and get those jerks!

A highlight of the Film and Trailer has Alice Cooper performing the great "I Am The Future" track and the Movie has a score by one of my favorite composers, Lalo Schifrin. It was Directed by Mark L. Lester who previously Directed a Cinema Du Meep favorite: Roller Boogie, and would go own to direct the super fun Commando a couple of years later.

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