Saturday, June 9, 2012

Preview Of The Week: Pin (1988)

From Transatlantic & New World 
Original Theatrical Release Date: January 27, 1989

Pin, in it's own strange way, was a refreshingly old fashioned Horror Movie from 1988. Even the trailer feels a bit like something that might have come out of the 60's or 70's rather than the neon-spandex nadir of 1988 (which I love in itself, too). It's a Movie out of time, but somehow it found me at the absolutely right moment. Don't you love it when that happens?

Cheer up... It's dinner! Pin's Bizarre Love Triangle

In a world where Movie trailers are full of flash and not much else, comes Pin... The tender story of teenage brother and sister Leon and Ursula, and the wacky, anatomically correct medical doll that comes in between them. Look out for Horror veterans Terry O'Quinn (The Stepfather) and Helene Udy (My Bloody Valentine/The Dead Zone) in supporting roles amongst other Canadian Horror alumni.

Pin is indeed a bizarre Film (it is Canadian, after all) but it's also unexpectedly moving. There are some frights, there's a lot of weird, but there's also heart. I'm a huge fan of this Movie. The ending might be a bit too anti-climatic, but it doesn't hurt the Film overall. See Pin with your favorite sibling... or blow-up doll.

Also check out the book by Andrew Neiderman (Devil's Advocate). It was originally published in 1981. And it's great!


Maynard Morrissey said...

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful 80s classic. I love it!
It's almost unbelievable that this was made by the same director who also created the crappy "Amityville: The Evil Escapes".

Barry P. said...

Wow... It's been too long since I've seen this, but I remember that it was quite a creepy little flick. Definitely need to see this again.

Yum-Yum said...

I love Pin. The ending is so sad and creepy. *sniff*

Oh, and thanks for the shout out on Kindertrauma.

MrJeffery said...

my friend got this for me on vhs this week and i just watched it! i was actually unexpectedly moved by it. the family dynamics seemed eerily plausible & the acting was pretty good too! it kind of haunted me afterwards.

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