Friday, June 1, 2012

Preview Of The Week: The Amityville Horror (1979)

The Amityville Horror is among some of my most favorite Horror Films. Taking a closer look, it's actually a product of really good 70's Filmmaking with a focus on characterization and realism, even when things veer into the supernatural. Very much like The Exorcist from 1974.

Amity eschews simple exploitation gimmicks of similar low budget Films of the time, yet remains potent and scary, and has lasted all these years later because of it.

Curl up in your favorite chair and enjoy.


Amityville Facts: 

  • Both James Brolin & Margot kidder doubt the Lutz's story. 
  • Amityville is on Long Island, and on the way back from visiting the house, my car somehow got stuck on a curb, and had to be towed off of it. I blame Jodie the demon pig, and not my driving skills. 
  • The Movie was actually shot in New Jersey, which is scary in itself.
  • Halloween ($47 million) was often cited as the most successful Independent Film of all time (until The Blair Witch Project) - But in actuality, this Film, though it cost a bit more to produce by Independent American International Pictures, grossed nearly double Halloween with over $86 million. 
  • Composer Lalo Schifrin lost the Academy Award that year for the haunting score to this Film to... a Movie about a preteen girl and the old man who gives her love advice (A Little Romance)
  • James Brolin had a beard.
  • Writer Sandor Stern also wrote another Movie that very same year that starred a man with a beard... Fast Break with Gabe Kaplan.
  • Most Critics hated the Movie upon it's release.
  • Audiences often know more than Critics.
  • Margot Kidder was hot.


Alex Jowski said...

Though I didn't really appreciate this film until after I'd read the book it's based upon it still is one of the best horror films around.

And you're right - Margot Kidder was HOT!

MrJeffery said...

awesome post as usual.

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