Monday, May 7, 2012

Meep Pic Of The Week: Vice Squad (1982)

Vice Squad
From Avco Embassy
Original Theatrical Release Date: January 22nd, 1982

In the mood for something gritty, though entertaining and with some nail biting suspense?

Vice Squad fills the bill quite nicely. It's a rough and tumble early 80's exploitation flick from Gary Sherman, the underrated Director who also made the London Underground-set Death Line (AKA: Raw Meat) (1973) and the atmospheric chiller Dead & Buried (1981).

The Picture stars Season Hubley as a mom turned prostitute who's recruited by the police to help get a crazed pimp arrested. Wings Hauser plays the pimp, in one of Cinema's best villainous performances. There's no one quite like Ramrod the pimp, and Wings plays up his evil, cruel role to the hilt. It's a sight to see, but not for the weak of stomach. This guy pulls no punches. And like the best of Movie villains, you'll really be rooting for his demise.

Hot Wings.

Vice was a staple of the Grindhouses of it's day, and even stirred up some controversy upon it's release. The Movie, with it's sometimes explicit violence, had it's fare share of detractors. Apparently Martin Scorsese came to the film's defense, and even went so far to cite it as the best Film of that year. Naturally he was making comedies at the time.

Vice Squad is a neat litte trip down the Hollywood boulevard. Enjoy it in all it's former sleazy glory. All this talking about wings has made me hungry.

For a really fun Review of this Film, I urge you all to check out this blog: House Of Self Indulgence Vice Squad Review

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Ty said...

Nice write-up! Classic Wings.

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