Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meep Pic Of The Week: Night Warning (1983)

Night Warning
From Comworld Pictures
Estimated Original Theatrical Release: February 1983

In the mood for some Jimmy McNichol and one crazy Susan Tyrell? Also on hand is Bo Svenson as a homophobic sheriff (are there any other kind?) and a small role by future classical music lovin' and graveyard skipping Mortuary star Bill Paxton.

Night Warning is a pretty strange entry into the early 80's Slasher sweepstakes. There is the usual stalk 'n slash, but Warning offers up something a bit more with it's complicated plot involving sexual confusion and overbearing relatives. Which leads us to the performance of Susan Tyrell. She's mesmerizing in her nutso role of Aunt Cheryl.

Sadly this hasn't been released on DVD yet, thus qualifying it as a DVD Evader as well. One day. Track down a copy of the VHS if you can (It was also released under the titles: Nightmare Maker, Thrilled To Death and Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker.

From the Director of the original Beach Blanket Bingo Movies. Now that's wacky.

Move over Mama Voorhees, this overprotective mother figure will also cut you. But, watch out for those boobies!

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