Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meep Pic Of The Week: Jade (1995)

From Paramount Pictures
Original Theatrical Release: October 13, 1995

I like Jade. Heck, I kind of love Jade. There. I said it. It's out there. Think what you want of me now.

I'll make this simple...

If you can't enjoy a Movie with a chase scene like this one, perhaps you should stop watching Movies and stick with the cartoons.

Jade Facts:

  • William Friedkin really knows how to direct a car chase.
  • Women have secret, slutty lives.
  • Governors, or politicians for that matter, also have secret, slutty lives.
  • Michael Biehn is in this Movie.
  • Getting run over by a car hurts. A lot.
  • Jade has an alternate cut that was only released on VHS. It's pretty good.
  • Jade bombed at the Box Office.
  • Strange Days, written and produced by James Cameron, bombed at the Box Office.
  • Angie Everhart was a model who had big breasts.
  • Co-star Chazz Palminteri opened a restaurant called "Chazz: A Bronx Original"... in Baltimore.
  • Michael Biehn was in Navy Seals.
  • Writer Joe Eszterhas also wrote Basic Instinct, Sliver & Showgirls. But more importantly: Big Shots from 1987. The tender story of Obie & Scam, two racially and social economically opposed eleven year old boys who become friends and boost a car.
  • Director William Friedkin rewrote most of Joe Eszterhas's script.
  • Linda Fiorentino almost didn't take the role because she thought she would look slutty in it.
  • Linda Fiorentino attended fundraisers for Eliot Spitzer.
  • Jade was released on Friday the 13th and features a mask or two, but no machetes.
  • Jade is an ornamental stone that is usually green in color.
  • Michael Biehn is friends with Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox.
  • Some fantasies go too far.
  • David Caruso has red hair.

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Ty said...

Love this post.

All the facts are hilarious!

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