Thursday, February 2, 2012

I ♥ 90's Fill In The Blank From Hell Thrillers

Ah, the 90's... Oh okay, it's perhaps not the most fondly remembered decade ever, but there were some highlights. The economy was certainly at it's strongest during the Clinton administration. Maybe it pays to have philandering presidents who love a good donut? Music was changing, with grunge and hip-hop bringing a much needed variety to the charts. Plus we had Melrose Place on the boob tube. Raise your hand if you had halter tops and shoulder pads like Heather Locklear or grew out your sideburns so awesomely like Dylan from 90210. The growth of the Internet in the 90's certainly shaped the decade and what was to come. Now we can buy anything from vitamins to sausages to gallons of lube from the web. That in itself was worth the entire decade, right? 

Well, there was also the Fill In The Blank From Hell Thriller to endlessly entertain us. I suppose it started with the hit release of Fatal Attraction in 1987 (The Mistress from hell). That was the Movie that sent the Water Cooler set in a tizzy. Recent additions to the genre like 2008's Lakeview Terrace (The Cop AND Neighbor from hell), The Beyonce starring Obsessed (The mistress AND co-worker from hell) from 2009 and 2011's The Rommate (She was merely just a Roommate from hell) were okay additions to the fold. They just could not quite mirror the hysterical fun of that very specific brand of Film from the 90s. 

The decade that had so much to offer if you're into these types of Movies. From the Major Studio Releases right down to the cheapie ones flooding the shelves at the Video Stores, It was all good, nutty fun. Plus you learned so many things about life and people... Well, you mostly learned that the dads in these Movies always seemed to be Architects and that at some point someone was going to go through the floor. And, of course, obsession knows no boundaries. 

On with the show...


Bad Influence - The Friend from hell

Blue Steel - The Boyfriend from hell

The Guardian - The Nanny from hell

Internal Affairs - The Cop from hell

Lisa - The Phone Caller from hell

Misery - The Fan from hell

Pacific Heights - The Tenant from hell


Cape Fear - The Client from hell

Deceived - The Husband from hell

A Kiss Before Dying - The Boyfriend from hell

Omen IV: The Awakening - The Daughter from hell

Scissors - The Neighbor from hell

Sleeping With The Enemy - The Husband from hell


Basic Instinct - The Girlfriend from hell

Consenting Adults - The Neighbor from hell

Deadbolt - The Roommate from hell

Dolly Dearest - The Doll from hell

Final Analysis - The Patient from hell

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle - The Nanny from hell

Mikey - The Boy from hell

Poison Ivy - The Friend from hell

Single White Female - The Roommate from hell

Stepfather III - The Stepfather from hell

Unlawful Entry - The Cop from hell

The Vagrant - The Bum from hell


Angel Eyes - The Daughter from hell

Blind Side - The Blackmailer from hell

The Crush - The Teenaged girl from hell

Dream Lover - The Wife from hell

The Good Son - The Boy from hell

Guilty As Sin - The Client from hell

Malice - The Doctor from hell

Man's Best Friend - The Dog from hell

The Neighbor - The Neighbor from hell

Sliver - The Landlord from hell

The Temp - The Secretary from hell

Voyage - The Couple from hell


Color Of Night - The Patient from hell

Disclosure - The Boss from hell

Mother's Boys - The Mom from hell

The Paperboy- The Paperboy from hell

Swimming With Sharks - The Boss from hell


Above Suspicion - The Disabled Guy from hell

Gramps - The Grandfather from hell

Malicious - The One Night Stand from hell

Mommy - The Mother from hell

The Net - The Boyfriend from hell (or, the dial-up modem from hell)

Never Talk To Strangers - The Boyfriend from hell

Relative Fear - The Boy from hell

Separate Lives - The Professor from hell

Temptress - The Girlfriend from hell

The Tie That Binds - The Biological Parents from hell


Daddy's Girl - The Daughter from hell

The Dentist - The Dentist from hell

Extreme Measures - The Doctor from hell

The Fan - The Fan from hell

Fear - The Boyfriend from hell

Invasion Of Privacy - The Boyfriend from hell

The Maddening - The Father from hell

Mischievous - The Ex-Girlfriend from hell

Primal Fear - The Client from hell


Casualties - The Husband from hell

Driftwood - The Girlfriend from hell

The Ex - The Ex-Wife from hell

The Nurse - The Nurse from hell

Office Killer - The Co-Worker from hell

Poison Ivy: The New Seduction - The Friend from hell

Under Pressure (AKA: Bad Day On The Block) - The Firefighter from hell


Break Up - The Husband from hell

Devil In The Flesh (AKA: Dearly Devoted) - The Student from hell

Hush - The Mother-In-Law from hell

The Landlady - The Landlady from hell

Misbegotten - The Biological Father from hell

A Perfect Murder - The Husband from hell

Wicked - The Teenaged Girl from hell


Arlington Road - The Neighbor from hell

The Talented Mr. Ripley - The Friend from hell


thevoid99 said...

Holy crap, I remember that movie Mikey. That was fucked up. I enjoyed the hell out of that.

The Film Connoisseur said...

I NEED to see The Guardian!! Thanks for the reminder, and great list man! How's about Danny Boyles Shallow Grave - The roomates/friens from Hell! Thats a great one too!

Cinema Du Meep said...

TheVoid-- Mikey really is something else!

The Film Con-- The Guardian is my favorite Movie Show featuring a woman who has sex with a tree.

Aaron said...

As I was scrolling down, I thought "oh, so-and-so movie better be on here", and sure enough all the movies I had in mind are on there. Why would I ever doubt Cinema Du Meep? Great list. I'm a BIG fan of 90' (blank) from hell movies too!

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