Monday, January 16, 2012

Cinema Du Meep's 12 Favorite Older Films First Seen In 2011

Although I try to get around to watching things I haven't seen before as much as possible, it gets a little harder these days in a world without the Video Store as we once knew it. Oh how I miss those days when the thrill of the hunt meant getting up off of the couch and actually going outside and down to the local Video Shops to find some Films that you have always meant to see, or the ones that you just had to take a chance on.

These days, I'm sometimes able to find things through online means like Netflix and Youtube (The great little Thriller Windows that is on my list just happens to be available on YouTube in it's entirety. You can find it here). Occasionally I'll buy an old VHS (or a DVD if the Film was lucky enough to get one) off of eBay or Amazon. Even if the Movie doesn't turn out to be a Classic, it's more than likely worth the few bucks to buy. And besides, considering how many people worked on the Film, don't these Movies, whether they be good or bad, deserve to be checked out before they are forgotten entirely?

For the second year in a row (2010's list is right here) I was asked by my friend Brian over at the great blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks to be part of his monthly blogathon and contribute my list of First Seen Films From Last Year. Some of the Movies ended up being a bit obscure, while others were much more of high profile. I'm really proud to be in such great company with these bloggers, and I urge you all to not only check out my list, but to check out some others as well.

You can find my new list here: My 12 Favorite Older Films First Seen In 2011.

You're outta here, Julian. Bruce brings on the Payne in the surprisingly decent Warlock 3

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