Monday, December 5, 2011

My Favorite Scream Queens Part 2

More of my Favorite Scream Queens can also be found in Part 1 right HERE

Amy Steel 
of Friday The 13th Part 2, April Fool's Day & Tales Of Poe

Kelli Maroney
of Slayground, Night Of The Comet, Chopping Mall, The Zero Boys, Not Of This Earth, Transylvania Twist, Hard To Die & Servants Of Twilight

Lesleh Donaldson
of Funeral Home, Happy Birthday To Me, Deadly Eyes, Curtains & Tales Of Poe

Lori Lethin
of Bloody Birthday, The Day After, The Prey & Return To Horror High

Bette Davis
of What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, Hush...Hush...Sweet Charlotte, The Nanny, Scream Pretty Peggy, Burnt Offerings, The Dark Secret Of Harvest Home, Return From Witch Mountain, The Watcher In The Woods & Wicked Stepmother

Mary Elizabeth Winstead
of Wolf Lake, Monster Island, The Ring Two, Final Destination 3, Black Xmas, Death Proof, The Thing & Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Janet Leigh
of Psycho, Honeymoon With A Stranger, Night Of The Lepus, The Fog & Halloween: 20 Years Later

Angela Bettis
of Bless The Child, May, Carrie ('02), Toolbox Murders, The Circle, Masters Of Horror: Sick Girl, The Woods, Roman, Scar, Wicked Lake & The Woman

Virginia Madsen
of Zombie High, Candyman, The Prophecy, The Haunting, The Number 23, The Haunting In Connecticut & Red Riding Hood

Deborah Foreman
of April Fool's Day, Grizzly 2: The Predator, Destroyer, Waxwork & Sundown: The Vampire In Retreat

My Favorite role for each Scream Queen:

Amy Steel - Friday The 13th Part 2
Kelli Maroney - Night Of The Comet
Lesleh Donaldson - Curtain/Funeral Home (tie)
Lori Lethin - Bloody Birthday
Bette Davis - Burnt Offerings
Mary Elizabeth Winstead - The Thing (as she's the only good thing about it)
Janet Leigh - Psycho
Angela Bettis - May
Virginia Madsen - Candyman
Deborah Foreman - April Fool's Day

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