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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vigilante Movies Of The 1980's

The 1980's. The Country's deficit grows and grows. Cities become bankrupt. Crime rises. What do you do when you can't walk the streets by yourself? Who do you turn to? The police? The ones that aren't losing their jobs to the failing economy and cutbacks are turning their backs. Too much to do with little manpower. Or are they afraid themselves?

Growing up in New York City during a fairly rough era, we had the Guardian Angels. They did what they could within an organized group to clean up the streets. While there was plenty of crime related to drugs and robbery, you couldn't possibly protect all the streets when Crime sometimes tends to be so utterly random. The Silver Screen had people like Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver) and Paul Kersey (Death Wish) taking matters into their own hands. We had people like Bernard Goetz who fended off muggers on the subway with his gun. Although it was a crime he was ultimately punished for, the debate will always remains the same: Shouldn't you have the right to be able to defend yourself when you feel like no one else is?

It's easier to just enjoy some of these crazy Films, a lot of which were VERY reactionary to the times and growing unrest, especially in urban areas. Movies like these can easily cross the line into exploitation, but when it's done in a way to entertain rather than simply depress it's audience, then I'm totally there. Pictures like Vigilante and Fight Back are outrageous in the way crime is portrayed, and that's what makes them so much fun.

Why not take back the streets yourself like some of these heroes in these Movies...



Panic In The Schools (1981) AKA: Panikos Sta Sholeia:


Devils In The Schools (1982) AKA: Satanades sta Sholeia:




Blood Debts (1985) AKA: Eliminator:

Streets Of Justice (1985):




Let Sleeping Cops Lie (1988) AKA: Never Wake A Cop:


Orapronobis (1989) AKA: Fight For Us:


The Film Connoisseur said...

The Evil That Men Do and Vigilante, I need to get my hands on those! Cool collection of posters man, I recently watched a few of these types of films and you definetly get the vibe that these films came as a reaction to the real madness happening on the streets.

I lived in NY during the early 80's, so I know that feeling of walking the streets scared of getting mugged!

Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

What a great list. I grew up with a lot of these movies on TV, and I think they contributed to perceptions across the country about what New York and LA were like.

Ty said...

Absolutely love this list! 80s Vigilante Movies are always entertaining.

Great finds on the posters too!

Cinema Du Meep said...

Thanks men!

sanceations said...

Great flicks... Love the CLASSICS..

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