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Monday, November 28, 2011

(Post) Thanksgiving Films worth checking out.

Surrounded by Family members. Swarmed by cousins and relatives who's names you can't quite recall. Chomping on a turkey leg. Realizing that the best part of the meal are actually the sides and not this dry bird. I myself long for some Sweet Potato casserole. The kind with the marshmallows on top. Some find it cloyingly sweet. I find it beyond awesome. The stuffing. Hopefully it's done well. There's nothing better than a delicious stuffing. And I kind of love the cranberries that come out of a can. The kind that take on the can's shape. Yum. But that's just me. Whilst feeling a bit claustrophobic, and trying to tune out the noise of family yammering away, and the image of a crazy aunt doing what every families crazy aunt does (embarrassing herself always) you might feel the need to run. I contemplated taking up smoking, just to have an excuse to get myself out of the house, but I don't think inhaling clouds of smoke into my lungs is the answer. I eye the Turkey's carving knife, catching a glimpse at myself in the reflection. An escape to the Movies is definitely in order. Before it's too late!

Here are some of my Favorite Films that revolve around Thanksgiving. Some of them are as sweet as the casserole, others are a bloody mess.. And all the better because of it.

I'm so glad you survived Thanksgiving! Here's to some Christmas and New Year's Evil just on the horizon...

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Cinema Du Meep said...

Meant to post this actually on Thanksgiving. Oopsie!

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