Monday, November 7, 2011

25 Years Ago in 1986...

...These Films were now playing at a theater near you!

I remember seeing quite a few of these at the Cinema. I just love the look of posters back then, don't you?

My only complaint... Let's Get Harry (good little Action Flick by the way) Gary Busey. No mustache. He totally broke the running theme of that poster, the bastard!

I highly recommend Modern Girls if you're in the mood for something very 80's and a lot of fun. In some ways it's the L.A. pop version of After Hours. And yes, that's a good thing. A very good thing. The actors and their characters are quite lovable, too. And if you're already a fan of the Film, Join Modern Girl's Facebook Page.

Besides Modern Girls, of the films on this list, Jumpin' Jack Flash is easily my most watched. And it ranks very high on my most watched of the 80's list. It's just so effortlessly watchable and the dialogue is very quotable. Whoopi Goldberg has never been as good in a Movie as she is here. For her first leading role, she really does a really great job of making it fun to watch a woman talk to her computer.

I can also watch Soul Man over and over. That is up until it tries a bit too hard to deliver it's message and the comedy winds down. But for the first hour or so, Soul Man is totally brilliant in the way it sends up white fear with black culture. Deadly Friend on the other hand is totally brilliant in the way it delivers this message: Mess with a robot, and then get your head basketballed off...

Animated Gifs

Something Special is a good addition to the gender reversal sub-genre. It's a charming little Teen Film with a very likable performance by the always underrated Pamela Segall.

Trick or Treat was a perfect Halloween release. I still remember going to see this at a theater filled with both families and heavy metal heads. Sometimes overlapping with a family of Metalheads. Some of the theater patrons were in full costume. It was a very interesting dynamic and a good time at the Movies. Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons are in the cast, but more importantly, it's star is Skippy from Family Ties.

From Beyond was also a terrific Film to release around Halloween. Remember when movies could be totally gruesome but also kind of sexy? From Beyond turns a crisp fall evening into something totally nasty and hot. Keep your pineal gland to yourself, Mister.


Larry Taylor said...

Definitely remember Firewalker. And oddly enough I got my copy of Something Wild in the mail today, can't wait to see it.

Love this post!


Oh man, Trick or Treat! I was surprised how entertaining this was. By rock n roll horror movie standards, this is a 5 star flick! - Cory

Jay Amabile said...

excellent post. I am with Slaughter Film on this...a HUGE fan of Trick or Treat. I watch it every year. I also agree that movie posters just aren't what they used to be nowadays we were spoiled back then! :(

Yum-Yum said...

All right, Modern Girls is first and foremost where it belongs.

Cool MG banner, by the way. I like how the font matches Cynthia Gibb's outfit.

Cinema Du Meep said...

Larry-- Thanks! Firewalker is a fun time. Something Wild is AMAZING.

Cory/Slaughter-- It's a nice surprise of a film. And directed by Charles Martin Smith!

Jay--Thanks Jay! We were totally spoiled. At least we can say we grew up during that era.

Yum-Yum-- Thanks! Modern Girls gets much love around here. As it should!

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