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31 Days Of 80's Movie Slashers: 10/20 - My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Day Twenty:

My Bloody Valentine
A Paramount Picture
Original Theatrical Release Date: February 11th 1981
DVD: Yes

Plot: Everything you need to know about My Bloody Valentine can be found in these taglines for the film:

Harry's out to steal your heart.

Heart. Burn.

Cross your heart...and hope to die.

This Valentine's Day, romance is DEAD.

There's more than one way to lose your heart...

Valentine's Day will never be the same again...

So basically if you're in the town of Valentine Bluffs, stop celebrating Valentine's Day already! Too bad this group of coal miner friends would rather have a good party than take heed of the legend of Harry Warden and his refusal to allow Valentine's Day to be enjoyed. Just because you were stuck in a mine one time because the foreman just had to go to a Valentine's Day Party and then you just had to resort to eating people doesn't mean everyone's fun should be spoiled. Harry Warden, you're kind of a selfish jerk. By the way, I actually didn't say this. It was that guy in the Lexus who cut me off in traffic this morning that did. He's also celebrating Valentine's Day early this year. I can give you his license plate if you want, Harry...

Bottom line Harry Warden doesn't like people who party and dance. Perhaps Harry Warden actually became the preacher dad in Footloose. Both films were released by Paramount. It could actually be true.

Fans of Slasher Films know My Bloody Valentine well. It's an undisputed gem within the genre. Perusing IMDb, someone had called it "The Deer Hunter of 80's Slashers". This at first tickled me, but then I found it to be fairly accurate. A lot of times when we watch Horror Films, especially of recent, they seem to be filled wall to wall with people who we cannot relate to on any level. Rich, arrogant, obnoxious jerks or bitchy girls seem to populate these films, whereas back in the 70's and 80's they were only used sparingly to facilitate the drama. The essential core to any successful film is to have characters you can relate to and root for. My Bloody Valentine is a Slasher Film with that and then some.

BFFs 4Ever.

My Bloody Valentine is full of many gifts. Whether they be of the boxed heart variety, or of the full-on Canadian shenanigans persuasion. The love triangle of T.J., Axel and Sarah plays out wonderfully, never really tipping it's hand too much to inform you of things to come. You're caught up in it's mystery, it's characters and it's legend. The actors all do a good job and the film captures an authentic sense of atmosphere and dread.

A lot like Friday The 13th Part 2, Valentine was famously cut by the MPAA, thus killing the dynamic punch of the murders on screen. Because the Movie has additional strengths, it still holds up and has stood the test of time. Finally after 27 years in 2009 the cut footage could finally be found on a Special Edition DVD from Lionsgate (No thanks to original Studio Paramount who always found these Slasher Films not of their caliber). My Bloody Valentine is and will always be, a bloody good time. Grab your girl, your once best friend and a can of cold Moosehead beer and enjoy!


The Ballad Of Harry Warden:

Do you like my ascot?

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Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

I love this one, and actually had fun with the recent remake as well-- I usually don't enjoy these new horror remakes. I haven't seen it with the footage restored, so I need to do that.

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