Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days Of 80's Movie Slashers: 10/8 - The Killing Hour (1982)

Day Eight:

The Killing Hour (AKA: The Clairvoyant) (1982)
From Twentieth Century Fox
Original Release Date: May 2nd 1982
DVD: Yes

Plot: A killer stalks Manhattan, handcuffing his victims. A Clairvoyant Artist, a Talk Show Host and a Cop team up to figure out who the killer is before he gets his next victim.

The underrated Killing Hour isn't perhaps the best example of a Slasher (Director Armand Mastroianni's previous film, He Knows You're Alone, fits that mold much more) but it definitely delivers some of the genre's thrills. The Film teeters the line as a Thriller with Slasher elements, and often it feels like an American made Giallo.

Consider this: A black gloved killer is offing men in lurid fashion. A young artist (Elizabeth Kemp) who occasionally sports an 80's headband and beret starts to see visions of the murders, and starts to sketch them. The Killing Hour already has so much going for it! There's also a cop who moonlights as a Comedian (Norman Parker) He's a bit deluded as he think he's funny in the style of his idol Woody Allen (he's not) and he makes nice with Kemp (the power of the headband knows no boundaries and will lure you in). There's also a jerky bow tie wearing TV Talk Show Host (Perry King) who will exploit anything to get ahead in his career.

Our heroes:

Because the Movie doesn't take the more rollercoaster-like Slasher approach, the Picture's focus is more on it's characters and atmosphere. The Film has very much a New York personality and vibe (great locations!) and it fits nicely with other lurid crime-thrillers of the time like Cruising. It's a well lensed Movie that requires a love for stories that unfold at their own pace. So, slap on your favorite pair of handcuffs and watch it already!

Noteworthy: The DVD includes a fascinating commentary by the Director and William Lustig of DVD Distribution label, Blue Underground.



Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

Good review, I've been toying with ordering it for some time and after reading this I'm going to!

Cinema Du Meep said...

Thanks, Brian. Go for it!

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