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31 Days Of 80's Movie Slashers: 10/23 - Pieces (1983)

Day Twenty-three:

From Film Ventures Internatonal
Original Theatrical Release Date: September 23rd 1983
DVD: Yes

Plot: On a college campus in Boston, co-eds are getting cut up left and right. And sometimes up and down.

Pieces... It's exactly what you think it is! How can you top a tagline like that? Pieces was directed by Juan Piquer Simon. A clearly crazy Spaniard who also co-directed the excellent Satan's Blood from 1978 and later in 1988 the creature feature, Slugs: The Movie. Slugs: The Movie didn't end up doing for Slugs what Hitchcock's The Birds did for it's own titular winged villains. Pieces on the other hand, really delivers. Just like a good Pizza.

Fans of cheesy Horror probably know Pieces well. It's kind of a hard Movie to forget once you see it. This is a Slasher Film with a cockeyed view of the world and the way it actually works. And god bless the Filmmakers for it! I've often wondered what more American Slasher films would be like had they had a more European point of view behind the wheel. Would they simply be more like Giallos, or would they be such a strange meld of different cultures and sensibilities that they may come off like they were from a different planet entirely...

Hamlet this ain't.

Whatever the case, a Picture like Pieces is a rare find. The film was co-written by Dick Randall, an American who lived out his days in Jolly old England, and was also responsible for the Slasher Pictures Don't Open Till Christmas and Slaughter High among many other Cult and Horror offerings. The guy did it all... Everything from European Horror to Bruce Lee ripoffs to Italian Erotica to movies about Filipino midgets who happen to be spies. In a way, Pieces if kind of an amalgam of other Movies and styles. Much like it's villain's final creation, it's pieced together and it wants your goodies (or full attention).

 Feel the burn!

When you're in the mood for skateboarding through plate glass, sunbathing in parks that leads to decapitation, entirely random Kung-Fu, burly actors from Popeye, children who play with nudie puzzles when not dismembering their mothers, gratuitous aerobics, established actors chewing scenery, crotch ripping, torso tearing, arm chopping, dismembered zombie women and actresses who are really passionate about the way they scream the word Bastard, then Pieces is exactly your Movie!

Teaser Trailer:


Hey good lookin'!


Aaron said...

This is a classic. I'm also a big fan of JP Simon's SLUGS. I first saw PIECES a while back on a really shitty quality disc that put anything Mill Creek ever released to shame. It's amazing how much more I enjoyed it while watching the Grindhouse Release version.

FilmFather said...

In your paragraph of why Pieces would be "exactly your movie!", you forgot "vomiting cops."

I first saw this movie when I was 15, and it was all I could ask for in a horror film. It's ridiculous and unapologetic...and I mean that in a good way.

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Cinema Du Meep said...

Aaron - That Grindhouse double disc release is really great.

FilmFather-- Ah, vomitting cops. Now this post is complete. Thank you kind sir!

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