Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Days Of 80's Movie Slashers: 10/2 - Friday The 13th Part III (1982)

Day Two:

Friday The 13th Part III 
A Paramount Picture
Original Theatrical Release Date: August 13th 1982
DVD: Yes

Plot: There once was a little boy who drowned in a lake. His Mother then starts to hack people up. After she's hacked up, a new group of people get hacked up by the supposedly dead little boy, now grown. Little do this latest batch of crazy kids realize as the twice dead son is back. And he really misses hacking up people. 3D hijinks ensue.

Ah, the summer of '82. Every movie loving man, woman and child was in for a treat as the short-lived 3D Horror craze of the 80's begins with Jason getting his first Mask (and it ended a couple of years later with the lackluster Silent Madness) The poor guy just doesn't know what he's up against. His continuing education by way of a bloody bodycount bonanza just might be put on hold because of blue sweater lover Chris Higgins (Dana Kimmell). She's the kind of girl who gets the guys, but also makes time with hopeless nerds like Shelly (Larry Zerner). Because Shelly likes to play pranks on everyone, he is guaranteed two things over this Friday The 13th. One, to never get laid, and two, to die horribly. At least he was cool enough to carry a Hockey Mask with him. Score for Jason! And score for Chris as she faces her greatest fear. But does she live to tell about it?

Friday 3-D is probably not the best film of the series, but it has so many things going for it. Let's see... 3D popcorn, scuba gear, Cheech & Chong-like potheads, biker gangs, 3D yo-yos, grocery store runs, rolling in the hay (away from Jason), sex in a hammock, 3D juggling of apples & oranges, talk of flunking spanish, kooky old men who hold eyeballs, 3D popping eyeballs, a speargun through the eyeball, handstands, a cool van and the best of all, a disco theme song. That's about all we need in life. Here it is wrapped in a bloody 95 minute package.

  Just because I have an axe sticking in my head, doesn't mean we can't be close.

The Trailer:

The Bodycount continues!


RobocopsSadSide said...

LOVED the biker trio!

Manfredini's disco score, FTW!!!

Colonel Mortimer said...

Love the disco score, have it on Itunes.

While probably only about the fifth best in the series, it holds a special place in my heart, because its the first horror movie I ever saw a scene from, when late one night I sneaked in the kitchen while my dad was watching it on Betamax and I caught the arrow to the eye bit. Obviously, I would never be the same from there!

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Good stuff - thanks!

Bryce Wilson said...

This has always been my second favorite of the series behind Part 2.

The awesomeness of the theme song has already been mentioned but I've always loved that the opening kill of that awful married couple is the only time that one of Jason's murders can be termed a mercy killing.

I just imagined him crouched underneath their window going "Fuck I've got to put these poor bastards out of their misery."

Cinema Du Meep said...

I'm glad Part 3, and it's score, is still loved!

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