Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days Of 80's Movie Slashers: 10/12 - The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

Day Twelve:

The Slumber Party Massacre
From New World Pictures
Original Theatrical Release Date: November 12th 1982
DVD: Yes

Plot: Young, attractive women have a slumber party. Escaped maniac Russ Thorn wants to crash the party. Pillow fights in pajamas and slashing may ensue.

I'll admit, I've had a rocky history with The Slumber Party Massacre. It was a movie that for years I tried to like, but just couldn't find myself getting all that into it. Perhaps I thought it was a little too straight forward. However, over the last few years, that has changed. In fact, I love this little number. Plus the title of the film: Slumber. Party. Massacre. How can you go wrong?

Smokin' dope and having snacks. A Slasher party prerequisite.

The killer, Russ Thorn, is quite the crazy. His relatively brief moments on screen really resonate. Another thing I love about Slumber are the girls. After nearly 30 years, we have forgotten that not all Horror Movie characters are just glossed over dimwits. The girls here might not all be role models but they do spark with some personality. And it helps that they are also are nice to look at! I actually felt pretty bad for some of the girls who were killed off. Just when you get to know someone... The Movie also has some fun kills and even manages a good amount of suspense. I think the comedic undertone is still a tad uneven, but I can still appreciate a Horror Film that also might have a sense of humor. It shouldn't always be doom and gloom.

 Catchin' up with the times.
Slumber was directed by Amy Holden Jones, who had impressed Roger Corman so much with her enthusiasm for the filmmaking process that he gave her the chance to direct her own feature. The script was written by feminist author Rita Mae Brown, resulting in a Slasher Movie that proves women can work squarely within a genre just as well as anyone else. The only feminist statement this film makes is just the bold one that the resulting Picture could have been directed by a man, gratuitous nudity and all. After the success of Slumber, Amy soon went on to make another Film for Corman (an adaptation of the hit dramatic play Love Letters starring Jamie Lee Curtis) and has had a career in Hollywood as a writer and well paid script doctor. Would love to see her tackle another Horror Film. It's been too long.

Slumber Party Massacre is easily the best of the resulting series (Though I do enjoy parts 2 & 3) This feature packed DVD set from Shout Factory is a must-have. Pop some popcorn. Get your favorite nighty on and watch!

 Never stalk a Slumber Party. This bitch will cut you!




Andrew said...

They really don't make enough movies like this anymore....

Cinema Du Meep said...

They sure don't!

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