Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 10 Wes Craven

With the recent release of Scream 4, I've decided to make a list of my favorite Wes Craven Films. Wes is a director who has made some truly landmark Horror Movies, but he's also known for occasionally churning out some that are, let's say, less than stellar. Curiously though, it's some of those "bad" films that I keep returning to. They have a charm about them that draws me in.

So check your basketball, throw it at your most annoying neighbors face and enjoy the booby trapped power that is a Wes Craven Movie.

My 10 Favorite:

5 Runner ups: The Serpent And The Rainbow (1987), Shocker (1989), Invitation To Hell (TV) (1984), Scream 2 (1997), Scream 4 (2010)

Worst: Vampire In Brooklyn (1995) - It's beyond awful.

Everything else:

The Fireworks Woman (1975) - Have yet to see Wes' forray into Porn. But it could be fun!

Swamp Thing (1982) - Starring Adrienne Barbeau's breasts. Easily the highlight of the film.

Chiller (TV) (1985) - Jill Schoelen rocking the TV-Movie thriller.

The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1985) - Dog Flashback, hilarious!

Casebusters (TV) (1986) - Wes Craven's Family themed TV-Movie. Haven't seen it.

Night Visions (TV) (1990) - TV-Movie thriller starring James Remar and Shocker himself, Mitch Pileggi.

The People Under The Stairs (1991) - Creepy early 90's effort by Craven. Almost made my runner-up list.

Music Of The Heart (1999) - Wes' attempt at a dramatic film didn't work at all. Still, Streep is very good. As usual.

Scream 3 (2000) - The Weakest of the series due mostly to Ehren Kruger's script which has it's head up it's own ass.

Cursed (2000) - Production plagued and it show it's scars. Has a couple of decent moments.

Paris Je' Taime "Pere-Lachaise" Segment (2006) - Wes Craven's non-horror segment, though graveyard set, ends up being one of the better parts of the film.

What are your favorite/least favorite Craven Movies?


The Divemistress said...

No love for The People Under the Stairs? So sad.

Where did you find that Scream poster? That thing's amazing.

Cinema Du Meep said...

I do like The People Under The Stairs... It's just one of his films that I don't revisit that often. It's been quite a few years.

That Scream Poster is one that was made for the Alamo Drafthouse. It's pretty great, isn't it?

edgarchaput said...

Great Scream poster.

I've heard some great stuff about 'Last House on the Left.' I should seek that one out.

Did he have any involvement in the Hills Have Eyes remake?

Cinema Du Meep said...


He served as a producer.

I almost liked that remake. The first half is good, the second half, not so much.

Jack Veasey said...

Deadly Friend haunts me, though I haven't seen it in years. Deadly Blessing is another I haven't seen in ages that I remember particularly liking, especially the glimpse of the demon at the end (if I'm remembering the correct film. It is the one with the creepy Amish-like sect, right?)

Shocker is one that has shown up on my cable channels fairly often for years, and every time it's on, I find myself watching it again. Mitch Pilleggi makes such a great sneering bad guy.

Didn't you like Cursed? I actually thought it was one of the better werewolf films I'd seen in awhile.

J.D. said...

Love DEADLY BLESSING. Next to the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, it may be my fave Craven film to date. There is just something about the slow burn tone and pacing of this film that I really dig. DEADLY FRIEND is pretty good, too.

thevoid99 said...

I love that segment he did in Paris Je T'aime. It was so inventive and fun.

I also hate Vampire in Brooklyn. Eddie Murphy at his worst.

I do respect Wes Craven. He has his hits and misses but at least he's made enough good movies to keep me interested.

edgarchaput said...

@thevoid: Wait, Vampire in Brooklyn is from Wes Craven? Wow...

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