Saturday, April 16, 2011

Modern-Retro: Two Quickie Reviews - Your Highness & Insidious

A Modern-Retro double feature!

Your Highness

Silly, mindless fun. While it has it's flaws (David Gordon Green will never be confused as a master of the Action sequence, and the effects aren't all that engaging) it still has it's moments. Critics are universally panning the Film, but then, the Picture wasn't made for them. It's clearly not a Movie meant to dissect. So, tough.

Your Highness plays more like an extended homage to Sword & Sorcery Movies, mostly from the 80s (much like his Pineapple Express was a homage to the buddy Movies of that era) With a large dose of sophomoric, THC-enhanced humor. So just shut your brain down for a couple of hours and enjoy. Penis jokes will ensue.  
Grade: B-


Director James Wan's latest Film is his best so far. If you're in the mood for a truly spooky Movie Show, look no further. Wan digs deep into his vast knowledge of Horror Films' from yesteryear (think Poltergeist, The Woman In Black) and crafts a modern supernatural Film that's a class act all the way. The first half is pure build up and dread. The second half interjects a welcome dose of humor and a liveliness while maintaining the scares, giving the Picture the perfect balance of fun.

This is the Film equivalent of walking into a Funhouse. You'll never really know what to expect and what might jump out at you next. It's also the perfect audience Movie. I've never seen such a quiet audience during a buildup of suspense, and such a vocal audience during the scares. The theater's patrons even applauded. Twice. When does that ever happen?
Grade: A

Other recent Films:

Cracks: B+
Ceremony: B-
Win Win: A-
Arthur: B+
Jane Eyre: A-
The Resident: C+
3 Backyards: A-
Hobo With A Shotgun: D+
Rubber D+
Red Riding Hood C-
Hall Pass: C+
Paul: B


dtmmr said...

Your Highness is fun, and has some humor to it, but too many times did the punch-lines rely on an expletive. Good Review!

Ty said...

Your Highness was a lot of fun. Some good laughs and some surprising gore too!

Definitely want to see Insidious.

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