Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meep's Cinematic Horror Alphabet

Taking up an offer from the great Rupert Pupkin Speaks blog, I give you the Alphabet... with a Cinema Du Meep Horror twist. One favorite Horror Film for each letter of the Alphabet.

I urge you all to make your own lists as well, in whatever genres you want. It's good fun!

A is for The Amityville Horror

B is for Black Christmas

C is for Carrie

D is for Death Wish Club

E is for The Exorcist

F is for The Fog

G is for Gremlins

H is for Halloween

I is for Island Of Death

J is for Just Before Dawn

K is for Killer Party

L is for Let's Scare Jessica To Death

M is for Martin

N is for A Nightmare On Elm Street

O is for The Omen

P is for Prom Night

Q is for Q, The Winged Serpent

R is for Re-Animator

S is for Suspended Animation

T is for Tourist Trap

U is for Urban Legend

V is for Visiting Hours

W is for The Woman In Black

X is for X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes

Y is for You'll Like My Mother

Z is for Zombie High


Rupert Pupkin said...

As always sir, love your list! And of course there are a few on here I've not seen(DEATH WISH CLUB, ZOMBIE HIGH and a few others). Great diverse choices!

Andrew Green said...

Glad to see Gremlins in there....
And I've been trying to obtain Island of Death for quite a while now.

Any ideas for where I might find it on the cheap?

Cinema Du Meep said...

Thanks RP! Couldn't have done it without ya!

Andrew-- That's a tough one. It's been out of print for some time. I know Arrow Film in the UK just put out a new DVD. With great artwork to boot. It would only work if you had a Multi-region DVD Player, though.

HystErik said...

The Arrow UK DVD of Island of Death is Region free you'll be glad to here - I am watching it right now and the box says Region 0. Superb quality (albeit a fullscreen print)

Cinema Du Meep said...

Thanks for the heads up, Erik!

I need the pick up that Arrow DVD for myself, as well. It has a load of special features, and I'm clearly a big fan of the movie!

HystErik said...

The special features are great, Nico Mastarakis is a terrific speaker, very funny. And there's a really fun featurette where different types of band have a crack at covering the theme song :)

edgarchaput said...

A very clever post. There are a number of films I haven't heard of many of the titles you used. Island of Death sounds great.

Cinema Du Meep said...

Edgar, you should check it out. For better or worse, Once you see it, you never forget it!

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