Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meep Pic Of The Week: Thief Of Hearts (1984)

Thief Of Hearts
A Paramount Pictures Releases
Original Theatrical Release Date: October 19th, 1984
DVD: Release: Yes 
Netflix: No

Ah, Thief Of Hearts. You with your smoldering intensity and uncontrollable desire to steal a sexy married woman's diary containing her inner most thoughts and secrets. It wasn't enough to just be bullied by the ever hothead redhead David Caruso into sneaking into various well-to-do yuppie homes and stealing priceless artworks and other obscenities. You had to read that diary, and present yourself as the man of her dreams, having her fall in lust with you, and you possibly falling in love with her. 

Well, Thief Of Hearts... are you happy? You captured my heart as well. I love your distinct, glossy 80's Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer goodness... back when I actually looked forward to movies with the name Bruckheimer attached to it. Oh how I long to watch more of your amped-up sensual drama, your neoned infused modern set design, crisp art direction, ravishing Bay Area locales as well as your infinitely 80's synth music, pop soundtrack and, of course, your theme song. You just know I'm a sucker for a title song, don't you? It's like you've also read my mind... Have you? Have you looked into that abyss? Can you feel the love? Thief Of Hearts...take me away. You know you want to.

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