Monday, March 7, 2011

Gender Switch Movie Monday

First there was The Body Switch... Now, The Gender Switch.

Or, when men pretend to be women to get closer to the women of their dreams. And women pretending to be dudes to get the respect they deserve. And sometimes for much more mysterious, evil or just mixed-up reasons.

All hail the power & deceptive beauty of these wacky and wonderful movies!

Life's a drag:

My Personal Top 10 Gender Switch Movies:

1. Just One Of The Guys
2. Psycho
3. Tootsie
4. Some Like It Hot
5. Dressed To Kill
6. Switch
7. Sleepaway Camp
8. Nobody's Perfect
9. I was A Male War Bride
10. Orlando

And for TV, it doesn't get any better than Tom Hanks & Peter Scolari trying to save some money as well as try to pick up some hot chicks by living in an all women's residence in Bosom Buddies!


Pax Romano said...

Victor/Victoria is one of those movies that I always forget about until it's on TV - and then I watch it and am entertained to the nth degree - of course Julie Andrews reminded me of Bowie during his "Thin White Duke" phase.

Oh and Ellen Barkin was so damn good in Switch!...hey I just realized those were both Blake Edwards films.

Alex said...

Oh man I kind of love gender-switching/drag queen movies! This is awesome. I haven't heard of several of these, so it's great to have some dvd's to add to my netflix queue!

Cinema Du Meep said...

Pax-- Blake Edwards really knew how to direct the switch. Thanks for pointing it out that he directed both!

Alex-- I'm glad you are getting your switch on!

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