Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DVD Evaders: Rad (1986)

The Return of:

A Tristar Release
Original Theatrical Release Date: March 21st, 1986

Rad is totally rad. So why isn't Rad on DVD?

Rad was helmed by Hal Needham. The stuntman du jour and director of the Smokey And The Bandit/Cannonball Run pictures and was Produced by co-star Talia Shire's husband (and father of Jason) Jack Schwartzman. Rad was given a limited platform release, and ended up grossing only $2 million or so during it's entire run. The radness of Rad eventually became available on Home Video and Cable where it finally found it's audience. And that's so rad.

Lori Loughlin, blocking everyone's view with the volume of her hair.

Rad brings to you the harrowing story of Cru Jones, a young man who's life force, drive and passion is fully devoted to the world of competitive BMX racing. Poor Cru's crux is that the qualifying race is the same exact day as his SAT's. Will be blow them off so he can find fame & fortune in the world of racing? Soon Cru meets Christian, a fellow cyclist lover who despite the name is very much a chick (Lori Loughlin of Secret Admirer & Full House fame). Sparks as well as Bikes will fly... and I do mean that literally.

Since Rad has been long out of print on the Home Video front, it's quite pricey to fetch a Videocassette. If you ever do come across a copy, hold tightly onto your Mongoose, pop a wheelie and grab that sucker. I promise you, it will be a rad time!

Um, radical...

 I love this fake criterion cover for Rad. It's... rad!:


Andrew Green said...

I remember Rad....
To this day, it lives up to its name.

Cinema Du Meep said...

So few movies do like Rad.

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