Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MeepFlix - January 2011

My recent viewings of movie shows on Netflix INSTANT, unless noted:

The Falling (1987) AKA: Alien Predator Dir. Deran Sarafian **
Critical Care (1997) Dir. Sidney Lumet **1/2
Heartaches (1981) Dir. Donald Shebib ***
Ode To Billie Joe (1976) Dir. Max Baer, Jr. **1/2
Romantic Comedy (1983) Dir. Arthur Hiller ***
The Experts (1989) Dir. Dave Thomas **1/2
Final Analysis (1992) Dir. Phil Joanou ***1/2
Dead Bang (1989) Dir. John Frankenheimer ***
Night Of The Running Man (1995) Dir. Mark L. Lester ***
Looking For Comedy In The Muslin World (2005) Dir. Albert Brooks **1/2
I'll Do Anything (1994) Dir. James L. Brooks **1/2
Goodbye, Franklin High (1978) Dir. Mike MacFarland **
Kiss Me Guido (1997) Dir. Tony Vitale ***

A scene from Tony Vitale's hilarious culture shock comedy, Kiss Me Guido

Night Falls On Manhattan (1997) Dir. Sidney Lumet *** (Cable TV Viewing)
Garbo Talks (1984) Dir. Sidney Lumet ***
Protocol (1984) Dir. Herbert Ross ***1/2
Without You I'm Nothing (1990) Dir. John Boskovich ***
Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (1985) Dir. Jerry Paris **
The Idolmaker (1980) Dir. Taylor Hackford ***
Gorp (1980) Dir. Joseph Ruben ***
Lemon Popsicle 1 (Going All The Way) (1978) Dir. Boaz Davidson ***
Hot Bubblegum (Lemon Popsicle 3) (1981) Dir. Boaz Davidson ***
Cousins (1989) Dir. Joel Schumacher ***
The Initiation Of Sarah (1978) Dir. Robert Day ***
The Spell (1977) Dir. Lee Phillips **
Big Shots (1987) Dir. Robert Mandel ***1/2
Walk Like A Man (1987) Dir. Melvin Frank ***
The In Crowd (1988) Dir. Mark Rosenthal **
The Hole (2009) Dir. Joe Dante ***1/2  (DVD Viewing)
The New Age (1994) Dir. Michael Tolkin ***
Running Scared (1986) Dir. Peter Hyams **1/2
The Escape Artist (1982) Dir. Caleb Deschanel **1/2

Even in good old 2D, I thought Joe Dante's latest was pretty creepy. Sadly this film has yet to get distribution in the US.

**** excellent
***1/2 very good
*** recommended
**1/2 not bad
** not so hot
*1/2 skip it, buddy
* don't even think about it, mister


Andrew Green said...

The second I saw the title, "Kiss Me Guido," I thought of pulling up my Netflix queue and adding that sucker. Your GIF only made it look even cooler.

Cinema Du Meep said...

It's not a perfect film by any means, but as an independent comedy from a certain time in the 90s, it definitely works.

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