Monday, February 28, 2011

MeepFlix: February 2011

This Month's viewings on Netflix Instant, DVD, VHS, Hulu & Cable:

Author! Author! (1982) Dir. Arthur Hiller ***
Tin Cup (1996) Dir. Ron Shelton ***
Scenes From The Goldmine (1987) Dir. Marc Rocco ***1/2
Piranha (2010) Dir. Alexandre Aja *** 
Barney's Version (2010) Dir. Richard J. Lewis ***
Citizen's Band (1977) Dir. Jonathan Demme ***
Russkies (1987) Dir. Rick Rosenthal **1/2
Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw (1976) Dir. Mark L. Lester **1/2
A Boy And His Dog (1975) Dir. L.Q. Jones ***
The Hard Way (1991) Dir. John Badham ***
High Risk (1981) Dir. Stewart Raffill ***
Nothing Sacred (1937) Dir. William Wellman ***1/2
Rich In Love (1992) Dir. Bruce Beresford ***
At First Sight (AKA: Two Guys Talkin' About Girls) Dir. Steven Pearl **1/2
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987) Dir. Rodney Amateau **
Star 80 (1983) Dir. Bob Fosse ***1/2
Twelve (2009) Dir. Joel Schumacher *1/2
3:15 The Moment Of Truth (1986) Dir. Larry Gross ***
Starting Over (1978) Dir. Alan Pakula ***1/2
City Heat (1984) Dir. Richard Benjamin **1/2
Sparkle (1976) Dir. Sam O' Steen ***

Death Proof (2007) Dir. Quentin Tarantino ****
Burlesque (2010) Dir. Steven Antin ***
How To Beat The High Cost Of Living (1980) Dir. Robert Scheerer **1/2
The Four Seasons (1981) Dir. Alan Alda ***1/2
Police Academy 3: Back In Training (1986) Dir. Jerry Paris ***
The Holiday (2006) Dir. Nancy Meyers ***
Pretty Woman (1990) Dir. Garry Marshall ***1/2
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) Dir. Nicholas Stoller ***1/2
Dreamcatcher (2003) Dir. Lawrence Kasdan ***
Puppet Master (1989) Dir. David Schmoeller ***
Puppet Master II (1991) Dir. Dave Allen **
Chain Letter (2010) Dir. Deon Taylor *
The Banger Sisters (2002) Dir. Bob Dolman ***
Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol (1987) Dir. Jim Drake **1/2
Sticky Fingers (1988) Dir. Catlin Adams **1/2
10 To Midnight (1983) Dir. J. Lee Thompson ***
Firefox (1982) Dir. Clint Eastwood **1/2
127 Hours (2010) Dir. Danny Boyle ***
Love And Other Drugs (2010) Dir. Edward Zwick ***
Orphan (2009) Dir. Jaume Collet-Serra ***1/2
My Soul To Take (2010) Dir. Wes Craven ***1/2
Listen (1996) Dir. Gavin Wilding **1/2
Southern Comfort (1981) Dir. Walter Hill ****
The Thing Called Love (1993) Dir. Peter Bogdanovich ***1/2
Death Race 2 (2011) Dir.  Roel Reine **
Burke And Hare (2010) Dir. John Landis ***
Tamara Drewe (2010) Dir. Stephen Frears ***
Beverly Hills Cop (1984) Dir. Martin Brest ****
Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) Dir. Tony Scott **1/2
The First Time (1982) Dir. Noel Nosseck **1/2


**** excellent
***1/2 very good
*** recommended
**1/2 not bad
** not so hot
*1/2 skip it, buddy
* don't even think about it, mister


Andrew Green said...

That's quite a list....
Death Proof was awesome, by the way.

Cinema Du Meep said...

Thanks. It totally is.

I realized I forgot a few. Just added:
Southern Comfort, Beverly Hills Cop 1 & 2.

The first 2 rule. Beverly Hills Cop II... Not so much. I blame Tony Scott. It should have been less dumb action-y and more funny.

Yum-Yum said...

How is it physically possible to watch this many movies in a single month? ;)

Anyway, put me down Scenes From a Goldmine and Sticky Fingers, as I've been looking forward to seeing them for quite some time.

Colonel Mortimer said...

Any month featuring a viewing of 10 to Midnight is a month well spent.

And hate to be that guy, but Southern Comfort was directed by Walter Hill not John Boorman.

Cinema Du Meep said...

Yum-Yum... I know right? SCENES is definitely a must see. 80's mullets abound!

Colonel... That mistake is hysterical. I guess I really want to watch Deliverance next! Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed!

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