Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heroes Of Blaxploitation: Jamaa Fanaka & Leon Isaac Kennedy

Day Twenty-two:

The great team of Jamaa Fanaka & Leon Isaac Kennedy!

Director Jamaa Fanaka (b.1942) had a small but effective career in black action with the films: Welcome Home Brother Charles (1975), Black Sisters' Revenge (AKA: Emma Mae) (1976) and his very successful partnership with Leon Isaac Kennedy and the highly profitable Penitentiary series: Penitentiary (1979), Penitentiary II (1982) and Penitentiary III (1987). His last film to date was the 'Crack' action flick Street Wars from 1992.

Leon Isaac Kennedy (b.1949) was a successful DJ known as "Leon The Lover" he became a successful actor and producer and now he's found a new success as a minister with his own ministry in Los Angeles. Leon's film credits include: The Blaxploitation films Mean Johnny Barrows (1976), as a producer on Big Time (1977), the star and hero of Fighting Mad (AKA: Death Force) (1978) and the Penitentiary Film Series (1979-87).

Leon also starred, produced and wrote the black remake of Body And Soul (1980) with his wife, the sexy Jayne Kennedy. He also appeared in the films Lone Wolf McQuade (1983) with good old Chuck Norris, The slasher flick Too Scared To Scream (1985), the awesomely 80's gang movie Knights Of The City (1986), Hollywood Vice Squad (1986) and Skeleton Coast (1988) co-starring Oliver Reed.

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