Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heroes Of Blaxploitation: Billy Dee Williams

Day Nineteen:

How's about a quick, refreshing can of cool?

We all know and love Billy Dee Williams (b.1937) whether it be for his Lando Calrissian or Colt 45 smooth-talkin' ways... But I love Billy Dee most of all because he was in:

Brian's Song (1971)
The Final Comedown (AKA: Blast) (1972)
Lady Sings The Blues (1972)
Hit! (1973)


The Take (1974)
Mahogany (1975)
The Bingo Long Traveling All-Star Motor Kings (1976)
and the Television Movies:
Scott Joplin (1977)
Christmas Lilies Of The Field (1979)

 Still smooth after all these years.

1 comment:

Mykal said...

"Being sexy is a full time job." Who would know better than Billy Dee? Stay cool, Mr. cool.

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