Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from Cinema Du Meep!

To all my readers and all the wonderful blogs out there...

Hopefully 2011 will kick a bit more movie ass than 2010 did.

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Ten Favorite Films Of 1999

My Ten Favorite Films Of 1999:

Alexander Payne's hilarious black comedy with bite about high school politics is superbly written and sharply acted by it's leads. I get something new from it on every viewing.

Paul Thomas Anderson's third film is another winner. A masterpiece of mood and emotion, Magnolia is the kind of movie you don't just see...You experience it.

Steven Soderbergh's revenge thriller is anything but typical. One of the best edited films I've seen in quite some time; and the last great Soderbergh film to date.

Stanley Kubrick's last film may have put some off, but for those who are fans know the masterful work on display here. Think of this movie as a journey into a warped dreamworld and you'll get a lot of this trip of a movie.

Pedro Almodovar's All About My Mother was one that united most critics and made me a real fan of his work. Wonderfully acted and written.

Dick is not your average Teen Comedy. There's an endless bounty of sharp humor here, and it's a joy of a movie to watch. Makes me smile every time.

Lawrence Kasdan's woefully overlooked comedy is an engaging tale of a guy who pretends to be a small town psychologist.

John Sayles directs this moving story about the burgeoning relationship between a man and a woman (who's also dealing with her troubled daughter) Things get really complicated as they find themselves stranded on an island after escaping the drug dealers who killed the man's brother.

Based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith, RIPLEY is a very well made tale of a man who assumes identities and becomes obsessed with another man... as well as his extravagant lifestyle.

Mike Judge's hilarious workplace comedy. If you don't like it, Milton is going to burn your building down.

Top 8 Horror:

Roman Polanski's tale of the occult is also one of the most exciting movies ever about the hunt for a book. Well done as usual from the master of suspense.

David Cronenberg's refreshingly bizarre look at modern technology expertly melds his usual theme of body horror. The result is a horror-fantasy not quite like any other.

 Katt Shea's The Rage really surprised me. Most didn't care for it, but there's an ample amount of depth to be found here. This film's central character is strong willed and the picture paints a realistic portrait of a teen in crisis. I'm also in awe of what Shea brought to the table here considering she replaced the original director a few weeks into filming.

This truly gruesome tale of cannibalism among soldiers after the Mexican-American war is also surprisingly funny. No one does crazy quite like Robert Carlyle.

Tim Burton's last satisfying movie. Beautifully shot and put together, Burton's picture brings the old Washington Irving story to a real cinematic level.

Forget about the Sixth Sense... Even though Stir Of Echoes also features a creepy boy who can see the dead, it's a more interesting tale of a blue collar guy slowly going bonkers trying to unravel a Stephen King-like mystery.

America's favorite Betty White feeds a gargantuan crocodile in this fun horror flick by way of a screwball comedy.

Owen Wilson once almost had a career of range... The Minus Man is an unusual but very interesting tale of a creepy killer who finds himself making a connection with a woman... But will she find out his secret?

More 1999 goodness:

American Movie
Being John Malkovich
Boys Don't Cry
Cruel Intentions
The Dreamlife Of Angels
Felicia's Journey
Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai
Girl On The Bridge
Holy Smoke
An Ideal Husband
The Insider
Jesus' Son
Judy Berlin
Mansfield Park
Never Been Kissed
Run Lola Run
South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut
The Straight Story
Sweet And Lowdown
10 Things I Hate About You
Three Kings
The War Zone

Best Worst Movie: Deep Blue Sea


and a "creepy indie" double feature:
10. SAFE

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Ten Favorite Films Of 1998

My Ten Favorite Films Of 1998:

Wes Anderson's best film to date. And with his streak of late, that will probably stick for a long, long time. I love Rushmore!

Hilarious and imaginative. This Coen Brothers film was destined to become a cult hit over time. And deservedly so.

A criminally overlooked film about a woman who finds herself suddenly divorced and on the verge for change. Wonderful writing here and another great performance by the indispensable Holly Hunter.

Another overlooked gem. John Hurt is wonderful as a man who has misplaced feelings for a young actor. This fascinating look at loneliness and obsession is also unexpectedly tart and funny.

The Farrelly Brothers bring on the funny once again in this outrageous and warm-heated film.

Whit Stillman's look at yuppies at the end of the disco era is also one of his most entertaining and sharply observed films. 

A brother and sister find themselves sucked into their favorite 50's television show in this funny and smart look at values and social dysfunction from the writer of Big.

Brian De Palma's mastery of the medium is on full display in this technical knock-out of a movie. Great suspense and a lot of fun for fans of film.

Todd Solondz's ode to misery is actually rather hilarious. Well played by all.

(tie) Speaking of misery, Paul Schrader paints this heartbreaking portrait of a policeman who is also struggling with the anguish directed towards him from his abusive father while unraveling a murder mystery. Nick Nolte is really great here.

(tie) Terrence Malick returns to filmmaking after a 20 year absence and ends up making the best film about war in quite some time. Sorry, Saving Private Ryan. The Thin Red Line blows you away.

 (tie) Set against the backdrop of 1970's California, SLUMS is one of the best coming of age tales in quite awhile.

Top 8 Horror:

Bride Of Chucky is hysterical. This 4th entry of the series is definitely the most inventive.

John Carpenter's vampire movie by way of a modern day western is good, hard edged fun.

Silly, but super fun creature feature set aboard a luxury liner. 

Glossy but entertaining slasher film about a murders on a college campus.

Wesley Snipes is fun to watch as the half-human, half-vampire in this rousing action-horror hybrid. We'll wait for you, Wesley!

Teens find themselves becoming all Stepford in this silly but fun tale of a town trying to control their children.

Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Williamson's lively sci-fi/horror about teens battling the evil trying to take them over.

A group from a small town find themselves up against an ancient evil trying to wipe out everybody in this pleasantly diverting Dean Koontz adaptation.

More 1998 goodness:

B. Monkey
Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss
Buffalo '66
The Butcher Boy
The Celebration
Claire Dolan
Dark City
Divine Trash: John Waters
Down In The Delta
Fallen Angels (Wong Kar-Wai)
Edge Of Seventeen
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Get Real
Gods And Monsters
High Art
Hilary And Jackie
The Impostors
Last Night
Little Boy Blue
Little Voice
Luminous Motion
Men With Guns
Mr. Jealousy
Next Stop Wonderland
No Looking Back
The Object Of My Affection
The Opposite Of Sex
Out Of Sight
A Price Above Rubies
Reach The Rock
Safe Men
The School Of Flesh
Show Me Love
A Simple Plan
Small Soldiers
A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries
The Spanish Prisoner
Velvet Goldmine
The Wedding Singer
Wild Things
Your Friends & Neighbors
Zero Effect

Best Worst Movie: BASEketball

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Ten Favorite Films Of 1997

My Ten Favorite Films Of 1997:

My favorite film of the decade.

Another truly great film in '97! Establishes Paul Thomas Anderson as the next great director. And deservedly so.

Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi/satire... And yes, the cheese and comedy is intentional. Pure, absolute entertainment!

Agnieszka Holland's marvelous take on the Henry James novel. Excellent and overlooked performance by Jennifer Jason Leigh.

One of the funniest films of the year. And it's actually smart, too. 

Mike Leigh's portrait of two friends shuttles between the 1980's and present day. One of my favorite films of his. Funny and insightful.

Ang Lee's look into the lives of a family in 1970's Connecticut. Excellent performances and writing are among the highlights here. 

Gregg Araki takes the teen film to another level entirely here.

Depressing yet totally absorbing look into the aftermath of an accident from director Atom Egoyan.

Kevin Smith's funny, unpredicatable look at relationships.

Top 6 Horror:

Al Pacino as the devil... And Keanu Reeves as a lawyer who gets sucked into his world of sin. Woah! A well directed hoot of a movie, actually.

Peter Hyams directs this slicky made look at a creature let loose in a museum. Very Atmospheric.

The Vampire movie gets an indie makeover in Larry Fessenden's well done analogy to drug addiction.

Scream 2 could have sucked, but it's a mostly fun ride... Especially all the homages to slasher film's past.

Following on the heel's of Scream's success, I KNOW is a slickly made slasher that has a pretty good amount of suspense.

This movie mash-up of Alien, Hellraiser and The Shining is really fun.

More 1997 goodness:

All Over Me
As Good As It Gets
Austin Powers
Deconstructing Harry
Donnie Brasco
Dream With The Fishes
Eight Days A Week
Eye Of God
Fast, Cheap & Out Of Control
Grosse Pointe Blank
The Hanging Garden
Happy Together
The House Of Yes
Hugo Pool
The Ice Storm
In The Company Of Men
Kiss Me, Guido
L.A. Confidential
Live Flesh
Lost Highway
Ma Vie En Rose
The Matchmaker
My Best Friend's Wedding
The Myth Of Fingerprints
Open Your Eyes
Private Parts
La Promesse
The Rainmaker
The Real Blonde
The Swindle
The Tango Lesson
This World, Then The Fireworks
Ulee's Gold
The Wings Of The Dove

Best Worst Movie: The Saint (it's actually nowhere near as bad as most make it out to be)
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