Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seven Minutes In Heaven (1986) - available on DVD!

The great teen comedy from 1986 has finally been released on DVD through Warner Archives a few weeks back. It's always a pleasure to put the lid on some of my "DVD Evaders" entries...Originally found here. If you haven't seen this film, you should. It's a lovable romp that feels genuine and, gasp, warm-hearted... A rarity in a genre full of the lewd & crude (which we love as well) It's available on Warner's WB Shop website right HERE

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ranking The Friday The 13th Final Girls

1. Ginny (Amy Steel) Friday The 13th Part 2
Equal parts spunky and smart, this girl next door gives potato sack head a good run for his money. Ginny will always be loved by fans of the genre, and for good reason.

2. Chris (Dana Kimmell) Friday The 13th Part 3
Chris has a lot going for her, and Dana Kimmell gives a very likable performance as final girl. But, she's no Shelly.

3. Megan (Jennifer Cooke) Friday The 13th Part VI Jason Lives
This sheriff's daughter is sexy and has a sense of humor. Plus she's a whole ball of trouble.

4. Trish (Kimberly Beck) Friday The 13th Part IV The Final Chapter
Trish goes through hell and back in IV... And she has to put up with her soon-to-be looney tunes brother, Tommy.

5. Alice (Adrienne King) Friday The 13th
I would have totally rated Alice higher if she hadn't taken so long to make a god damn cup of coffee! Still, she's the first final girl and gets to be in a sequel (albeit briefly) unlike any other gal in the series.

6. Tina (Lar Park-Lincoln) Friday The 13th Part VII The New Blood
Tina's kinda mopey, but she also comes into her own and goes full tilt Carrie on Jason's ass.

7. Rowan (Lexa Doig) Jason X
Jason X may not be the highest point in the series, but it least it had a final girl with chutzpah who was also pretty sexy.

8. Pam (Melanie Kinnaman) Friday The 13th Part V A New Beginning
Poor Pam. She's easily forgettable. Possibly by default as she's no match for Reggie The Reckless - the excellent child actor with attitude to spare, Shavar Ross.

9. Jessica (Kari Keegan) Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday
Jessica, like Pam was pretty forgettable. For a movie that ups the gore and sleaze of previous installments, they should have really cast someone a bit more fun to watch.

10. Rennie (Jensen Daggett) Friday The 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan
Rennie wins all the awards for being the most annoying and least attractive final girl of the series.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Favorite Summer Movies: The 1990's Edition

Here's a look back at my then favorite pair of films for each summer of the 1990's... Many of which I still adore.
Release Date: June 1st
Release Date: August 22nd
Release Date: May 3rd Release Date: July 12th Release Date: May 8th Release Date: August 14th Release Date: May 28th Release Date: August 6th Release Date: June 10th Release Date: June 18th (premiered on cable!) Release Rate: June 9th Release Rate: July 19th Release Rate: May 22nd Release Rate: August 23rd Release Date: May 2nd Release Date: May 9th Release Date: May 29th Release Date: July 15th Release Date: July 16th Release Date: August 4th

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Now And Then, 80's style.

The 80's live on, now more than ever at a theater near you... Inception be be getting mucho praise for being groundbreaking and original, but Dreamscape from 1984 had already covered this ground... And marketing it as the next Indiana Jones installment! Apparently Adrien Brody is Arnold Schwarzenneger. Disney's Fantasia was remastered and reissued in 1982, and 28 years later makes a return, this time with Nicholas Cage as the sorcerer with crazy eyes and stringy hair. Love at first bite. Vampires will never go out of style, though the Twilight films are trying their hardest to bury the genre quick. Friends gather together for a funeral and bond over a weekend. Now with more funny. Secret agents always seem to have a knack for hooking up with ordinary women and going on zany misadventures, don't they? Wax this. Both films prominently feature a zany plot about getting a zany, wild, drugged out rock star to his concert in time. A young man is torn up over the sudden death of his brother during a boating accident. I still say they should have cast Mr. T in the movie remake as he still looks and behaves exactly the same way he did in 1984.
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