Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer = Movies

It's been a month, and now I'm a married, honeymooned man. Is it unfair to wish I were still away enjoying the time off from reality and everyday responsibility?

June's a special month to me because I remember it greatly as the time when school would finally let out, and the prospect of the next 2 months of summer fun were within actual grasp.

To properly enjoy summer which officially began a couple of days ago with the summer solstice, I present a list of 10 favorite summer flavored flicks. Grab your Beach ball, 6 pack, swim trunks, hiking shoes, popsicles and prepare to get some sand (among other things) stuck in between your toes.

2 teenage rivals decide to make a pack with one another to see who'll lose their virginity first while at summer camp. Mayhem and total late 70's/early 80's awesomeness ensues.

More fun at another summer camp... This one branded "Camp Blood" by a group of counselors who think maybe catching a case of poison oak while screwing in the woods is the worst of their problems. Kevin Bacon impalement ensues.

The 'Godfather' of summer movies. A great white Shark reeks havoc on a small coastal town during July 4th weekend. JAWS leaves it's indelible impression on it's viewer ever single time without fail.

A young man gets summer schooled in the way of love while on vacation in Nantucket with an older woman. Set in 1942, SUMMER is purely 70's in it's storytelling and raw honesty.

Speaking of Summer School, here's the real thing. A mix-matched bunch of dim teens show they have a lot of heart by trying to pass a test while driving their teacher bonkers. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and many laughs ensue.

The Goonies may not be set during the summer, but it was released in June and as a then 12 year old I was obsessed with it all summer. A group of wacky adolescents look for buried treasure to save their family homes. The Goonies are (more than) good enough.

A rugged former cop's young daughter is kidnapped on the gritty New York streets of 1979. Dude, the poster and tagline has him tearing NYC apart! This movie cannot be duplicated and absolutely rules.

A family rents a gothic mansion for the summer and slowly goes mad. Expect both creepy Oliver Reed and Bette Davis performances with a dash of Karen Black cross-eyed nuttiness. Predates The Shining and I happen to enjoy it more.

Linda Blair finds love on wheels in the form of a roller skater on the venice beach boardwalk. During that summer he teachers her to skate and not be so stuck up while she introduces him to some class and her ample bosom. The best film about a disco roller skating competition ever.

John Carpenter's 1976 film about a siege on an Los Angeles police precinct might not involve a lot of summer time fun, but there is tons of tension and atmosphere. Plus you'll never look at an ice cream truck the same way ever again.
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