Friday, December 17, 2010

My Ten Favorite Films Of 1995

My Ten Favorite Films of 1995:

The best teen comedy in many the year is one of the best comedies of the decade. Funny, smart and endlessly quotable. Clueless is pure joy.

Todd Haynes' very creepy yet totally absorbing film about a woman with an inexplicable, mounting illness. Julianne Moore is amazing here.

Deemed the worst film of the year by most, Showgirls is actually one of the best. What most people didn't see was a hilarious and sly satire of American culture... and what better place to set the satire stage than in the ridiculous Las Vegas, eh? One of my late grandmother's favorite films.

A very different kind of stripper movie, Atom Egoyan's amazingly complex yet very involving story of grief and misplaced love is one of his very best films.

The best bummer of a movie of 1995. Cage and Shue are terrific here in probably their last great performances to date.

I would have never expected a modern update of The Brady Bunch to be this much fun!

Kathryn Bigelow's near future movie is one that unusually, though appropriately, gets better and better with age.

Jodie Foster's hilarious look at a family over thanksgiving is heartwarming without being cloying. It hits all the right notes.

Jennifer Jason Leigh's bold and brave performance is the highlight of this story of two very different sisters.

Unrequited love is the theme here, and Emma Thompson gives it her all. You'll end up falling for her even as her love isn't being returned. Smart and surprisingly funny.

Top 10 Horror:

In 1995, John Carpenter released his best horror film in quite some time. Though it mostly went unnoticed, IN THE MOUTH has really held up over the years.

Clive Barker steps into the director's chair and crafts a very well made tale of magic and cultism. Look out for the unrated Director's Cut which is a far superior version.

Serial Killer movies seemed to be all the rage in 1995. This one was my favorite. Slickly made with great production values and very well acted. 

A very entertaining Sci-fi Horror about an alien/Human hybrid and the rag-tag team out to extinguish her cute ass.

Jeff Goldblum has a weird connection to a killer in this adaptation of a Dean Koontz novel. Probably the most entertaining and well made film version of his work.

Abel Ferrara takes on Vampirism as Lili Taylor struggles with her thirst for blood in this unique Downtown New York set horror film. The Addiction desperately needs a DVD release as I'm afraid it's been largely forgotten since it's release 15 years ago.

The other John Carpenter film of 1995. VILLAGE was mostly laughed off as a bad movie upon it's initial release, but I have been strangely drawn to it since. It's not top drawer Carpenter, but there are enough good moments to be found here. Also good to see it's location of Inverness, California again (The setting for 1980's The Fog)

Castle Freak is one of those movies you're just going to have to give a chance... It's not exactly the kind of film I'd usually recommend, but I enjoy it's quiet lunacy and it's setting in particular immensely.

Peter Weller + Sci-fi horror... Sounds like a good match to me! Screamers is surprisingly well made and good fun.

The Prophecy is one of those movies that might have benefited from a bigger budget. However, it's still a pretty inventive and enjoyable.

More 1995 goodness:

Angels And Insects
Before Sunrise
Beyond Rangoon 
The Bridges Of Madison County
The Brothers McMullen
The Celluloid Closet
Circle Of Friends
The City Of Lost Children
Devil In A Blue Dress
Dolores Claiborne
The Doom Generation
Empire Records
The Flower Of My Secret
French Kiss
French Twist
Get Shorty
La Haine
The Incredibly True Adventures Of Two Girls In Love
Last Summer In The Hamptons
The Last Supper
Living In Oblivion
Miami Rhapsody
Mighty Aphrodite
Party Girl
Sense And Sensibility
A Single Girl
To Die For
Twelve Monkeys
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
Underground (Kusturica)  
The Underneath
The Usual Suspects
When Night Is Falling
While You Were Sleeping

Best Worst Movie:  Jade  (William Friedkin even when he makes bad movies rules!)


Tom said...

no love for Tank Girl?

J.D. said...

Nice to see you mention GEORGIA. What a great film this is and quite possibly my fave Jennifer Jason Leigh performance... maybe just under MRS. PARKER & THE VICIOUS CIRCLE. I would also echo your praise for LORD OF ILLUSIONS. Just watched the Director's Cut a few weeks ago and enjoyed it thoroughly. I wish Barker would direct more films.

Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

I love that you put Clueless in your top ten, and in your honorable mention section, The Flower of My Secret. I also forgot on your 1994 list to say how much I liked your mention of The New Age with Peter Weller.

Ty said...

Nice to see Screamers, Devil In A Blue Dress and Showgirls on a best of list. Did you like Virtuosity? I really love that one.

Cinema Du Meep said...

Tom-- I actually found Tank Girl fairly enjoyable. Though Lori Petty's screeching kind of gets on your nerves in subsequent viewings.

J.D.-- I wish he directed more as well. Each of the films he directed was really solid. JJL was pretty amazing in Georgia. She was totally flawed and totally real in that.

DTV Con-- The New Age was a pretty strange film in some regards, but really sharp. I love Judy Davis. The 90's was HER decade.

Ty-- I did like Virtuosity, actually. It's slickly made and fun. Russell Crowe should ONLY play bad guys.

TheGirlWhoLovesHorror said...

Yo, how did Usual Suspects not make the top 10?? Unacceptable! :) But I seriously love Species for some reason... a lot of it is the fact that Michael Madsen is the coolest dude ever.

And your grandmother must have been awesome if Showgirls was one of her favorite movies!

Ninja Dixon said...

Wow, someone who appreciates both Hideaway AND Screamers! I love both of them, excellent movies!

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