Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Ten Favorite Films Of 1992

A pretty good year for film. Especially for Thrillers & Independent film.

My Top Ten Favorite Films Of 1992:

I'm in love with Bitter Moon. I've probably watched it about 50 times. Does that make me crazier than Peter Coyote and Emmanuelle Seigner in this movie?

Paul Verhoeven's slick and sexy thriller never fails to keep me thoroughly entertaining. No one makes 'em like Verhoeven.

Paul Schrader's absorbing character study of a drug dealer. I may be alone on this, but I feel it's totally on par with his other fascinating peeks into a man's dark side and search for redemption like Taxi Driver and American Gigolo.

Woody Allen's biting comedy-drama about divorce is the perfect cross of the genres. With hilarious work by Judy Davis and Sydney Pollack.

John Sayles' glimpse into the lives of two women from very different backgrounds and their friendship is one of the most insightful movies in quite some time. With Superlative performances by it's 2 leads.

Under Siege is the action film of the year. Fun, smart and entertaining. 
I'm just a cook. A lowly, lowly cook.

Abel Ferrara's original bad cop movie is equally exhilarating as it is depressing. Great work by Harvey Keitel in a go-for-broke performance.

Wayne's World is the kind of movie you'd think would date very easily, but it holds up surprisingly well. It's still funny and smart after all these years.

Barbet Schroeder's seemingly throwaway "from hell" thriller really sticks with me. It's very well made and acted. And a lot like Basic Instinct, it's in turns classy and sleazy.

Hard Promises is a relationship comedy about a man who chases after the family he's neglected for years. William Petersen and Sissy Spacek really shine in this cozy, small town movie with authentic laughs and heart.
Top 10 Horror:

The scariest film of the 90's. Candyman is a masterpiece of mood and chills.

There aren't many films like Raising Cain. It's the kind of film that needs to be watched several times to really appreciate. It took me a couple of views to make me mad with delight.

Sam Raimi's third entry in his Evil Dead Franchise is pure stylized craziness. A lot of fun, and a movie I can watch over and over and still get a kick out of each and every time.

The movie that Stephen King wrote directly for the screen. I know this movie doesn't have a lot of fans, but I find it a total hoot. It's pure horror cheese goodness.

Family Ties' Brian Bonsall takes his trademark cute and turns it up a notch or two with a whole lot of menace and murder in this hilarious horror movie co-starring Melrose Place's Josie Bissett as the object of his affection (!)

Directed by George Milhaka (My Bloody Valentine) The Psychic is a mostly forgotten but totally atmospheric Horror picture from Canada. Stars genre favorites Zach Galligan and Catherine Mary Stewart.

A fitting second sequel. Hellraiser III is inventive visually and is consistently entertaining. 

This sequel to the bloody good 1989 film is better than it probably should be. Decent chills and atmospheric Photography by Russell Carpenter (Lady In White, Sole Survivor, Titanic)

The silly post-modern horror-comedy that predates New Nightmare and Scream. There's Nothing Out There is a fun exercise of awareness to the genre's cliches and trappings.

Why on earth is Bill Paxton mimicking Macauley Culkin from Home Alone in the artwork? The Vagrant is a neat little horror film about a guy who just can't escape the evil clutches of a menacing hobo. But who can?

More 1992 goodness:

American Heart
Belle Epoque
Beyond The Law
Brother's Keeper
Cafe Romeo
The Crying Game
The Cutting Edge
Final Analysis
Gas, Food Lodging
Glengarry Glen Ross
Hard Boiled
Howards End
Inside Monkey Zetterland
Laws Of Gravity
Like Water For Chocolate
The Lover
A Midnight Clear
My Cousin Vinny
Noises Off!
One False Move
The Paint Job
Peter's Friends
The Player
Poison Ivy
Prelude To A Kiss
Reservoir Dogs
Rock Hudson's Home Movies
Savage Nights
Simple Men
Straight Talk
Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me
Universal Soldier
Unlawful Entry
Visions Of Light
White Men Can't Jump

Best Worst Movie: Encino Man


Tom said...

what about Innocent Blood?

Cinema Du Meep said...

Tom-- I think the last time I saw Innocent Blood was back in 1992. I remember not being a fan. Should I revisit it?

Tom said...

Nah. Unless you want to see Don Rickles' head explode. I was just curious why it was left off the list.

Mike Lippert said...

Damn 1992 was a good year. Excellent pick in Candyman, that movie just grows and evolves every time you watch it. Plus it's scary as hell. Can't really argue with anything on here.

davidfullam said...

After Hellraiser 3, the franchise went to hell (no pun intended) in a handbasket.

Hal said...

To me. Alfre Woodard can do no wrong, and PASSION FISH is one of her best performances. Great choices in a great year.

Maynard Morrissey said...

I don't understand all the love for Pet Sematary Two. IMO it is such a silly suckfest compared to the fabulous 1st part

J.D. said...

LIGHT SLEEPER, such an underrated gem of a film - maybe my fave Schrader directed film. I thought Willem Dafoe was really great in this one.

Cinema Du Meep said...

Y'all quite frankly... rock!

Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

Hard Boiled and Bad Lieutenant were my favorites for that year, so it was cool seeing them in your honorable mention. Also liked Unforgiven and Howard's End. I was surprised I didn't see Malcolm X though.

Cinema Du Meep said...

I was never a big fan of Malcolm X... You can probably chalk it up to my distaste for biopics.

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