Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cherish (2002)

A Fine Line Feature
Original Theatrical Release Date: June 7th, 2002

Robin Tunney (The Craft, The Mentalist) plays Zoe, a socially awkward young woman (who's harboring some fantasies for wrong guy at work) who one night gets into a car accident after being accosted by a stranger. Because she was driving while intoxicated, she racks up a DUI (her second) and a judge sentences her to house arrest. Zoe also has herself a stalker. One that watches her every move, and obsessively listens to the same kind of music she loves. Zoe now has to adapt to her new environment, and with the help of the guy who checks in on her ankle monitor, she may find a way to get out of her mess.

Cherish is a movie awash with 70's & 80's nostalgia. It's kind of a cross between a romantic comedy and Run Lola Run, and the mix really works. It's pretty entertaining film, with a great cast and especially a winning and spunky performance by it's lead. Robin Tunney here is both very believable as the girl who can't quite get it together socially, but also the girl that seems to attract every one's attention. You fall for her along with them.

And the music... This is one of my very favorite film soundtracks. Lots of incredible tracks put together here and some include: Modern English' I Melt With You, Fascination by The Human League, She's Gone by Hall & Oates, Sister Golden Hair by America and especially I love You by Climax Blues Band. One of the best love songs ever.

Samples of all the good times to be found in Cherish...

Flat-Ironing hair fun!

Singing along with some rad 80's tunes!

Rollerskating hijinks!


Jason Priestley!

Putting the bitch slap to Liz Phair!

And maybe falling in love.


Rupert Pupkin said...

Thanks so much for the reminder about this film! Had totally forgotten about it, but I remember enjoying it when I saw it on DVD years ago.

Myra said...

that picture of Jason Priestley is hot! ... I need to watch this movie now.

Cinema Du Meep said...


No sweat! I have the soundtrack on the ipod and every once and awhile and song comes on and reminds me of this good little film.


What ever happened to Brandon Walsh?

Marc Edward Heuck said...

CHERISH is one of the great films of the '00's that almost nobody is talking about, with a command of music placement and balancing comedy and action that should have elevated Finn Taylor to bigger things.

When this came out, after I saw it, I flat out told everyone I knew I would reimburse their ticket purchase if they went to see the movie, I loved it that much. I had quite a few friends that accepted the challenge, mostly female, and they all now love the film immensely.

Thanks for bringing more attention to the movie.

Cinema Du Meep said...

Thanks for that very perceptive comment, Marc. I'm glad this film has great fans like yourself.

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