Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1995 in Action

1995 is so Action-y it hurts!

1995 and living in the action past!

But wait... 1995 is the future!

Don't forget to check the Direct-To-Video shelf! 
(1995 was very cyber-y)

Best Of The Best 3: No Turning Back
Bloodfist VI Ground zero
Bloodfist VII Manhunt
Body Count
Cyber Vengeance
Cyber-Tracker 2
Cyborg 3: The Recycler
Cyborg Cop III
The Demolitionist
Digital Man
Excessive Force 2: Force On Force
The Expert
Hologram Man
The Immortals
Iron Eagle IV
Night Of The Running Man
Kickboxer 5
Shootfigher II
The Shooter
To The Limit
Virtual Combat

My 5 Favorites of the year:

Sudden Death
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory 
Die Hard With A Vengeance


Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

I wondered why 1996 was such a great year for the no-budget indie art house flick. I guess now I have my answer, based on how big and actiony 1995 was.

J.D. said...

Amazing to see just how many action films came out that year. Wow. Ah, and who could forget the much-hyped FAIR GAME featuring Billy Baldwin and Cindy Crawford. Who thought she could act? I guess the producers figured that filmgoers would just be staring at her and not paying attention to what was coming out of her mouth...

Cinema Du Meep said...

Totally. Thankfully she really hasn't "acted" much since. I think these days she's on Television... selling furniture as the spokesperson for Raymour & Flanigan. Perhaps Billy should join her.

Ty said...

Another great collection of posters!

Big fan of Virtuosity, The Immortals, and Hologram Man. Always wanted to see Cyber Vengeance, its impossible to find!

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