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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

31 More Days Of October Terror: 10/26

Day Twenty-six:

From American International Pictures
Original Theatrical Release Date: March 27th, 1973

Brian De Palma over the years has taken many the beating by some critics who called him out to be a Hitchcock clone. Over time the more astute film paramour has realized that De Palma's tributes to the suspense master to be less a clone, but rather a fully realized love affair with that director's work. While such a great number of directors make their fortunes by sneakily and quietly ripping off other filmmakers, De Palma has always been front and center about his inspirations. His films (a lot like some of the masters themselves) reference other films of the past, and they make no apologies. So suck it, American critics. The French have been right all along.

Sisters is De Palma's first real dive into true Horror. And terrifying it is. A lot of what makes the picture work is it's offbeat charms (there's an early stretch which has the characters on a hidden camera show) and Margot Kidder's beguiling dual performance. She's lovable, she's crazy, she has a strange french accent. They only thing I don't recommend is to buy her a birthday cake. She's really not in the mood to party.

 Would you like a slice of my crazy pie?


TS Hendrik said...

I haven't seen it but I have had the film recommended to me by several people. Perhaps it's time to finally give it a try.

Andrew Green said...

Margot Kidder in something like this???
Count me in!

Colonel Mortimer said...

Love love love Sisters (and most DePalma thrillers for that matter). This and Black Christmas are my favorite Kidder performances.

Just curious did you see the remake that went straight to DVD a few years ago? I think Chloe Sevigny played the titular role(s). Probably awful, but would be interested in confirmation of its blechness or the surprising news if its worthwhile.

Cinema Du Meep said...

I have seen the remake, and while I didn't think it was awful, it's definitely a snooze fest. It tried hard to emphasize the sense of dread, but really it just succeeds and testing your patience.

Another great Kidder performance: Willie & Phil from 1980. A riff on Jules And Jim. I can totally see why the two guys go gaga after her.

Shaun [The Celluloid Highway] said...

Brian De Palma's best film in my opinion.

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