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Friday, October 22, 2010

31 More Days Of October Terror: 10/22

Day Twenty-two:

A Simcon Limited Release
Original Theatrical Release Date: March 4th, 1983

Another creepy Canadian picture makes my list this year. I mean seriously, I can never have enough of these kinds of movies. Curtains was a film that started shooting in 1980 and was plagued by many production problems. The director himself took his name off the movie. Cheekily the producers credited "Jonathan Stryker" as the director as that was the name of the director in the movie itself, and played to the hilt by John Vernon (Animal House) no less.

Curtains, though it has it's flaws, remains a favorite because it goes against the mold of the films of that era. Instead of teenagers we get a largely adult cast (who are all pretty good) and there's a certain sense of class on display here, rather than the crude. Yet, the film doesn't fail to shock. There are some standout moments here that people just don't forget. Just mention hag mask and ice rink to any horror fan and they'll know what movie you're talking about. Plus one of the plot devices uses one of cinema's most creepy dolls. You have to love a movie that utilizes a creepy doll to illicit some terror.

Thank you, and goodnight!


Jack Veasey said...

I love anything with a creepy doll, and this flick has one of the creepiest dolls ever. When I hit the lottery, my mansion will have one room full of creepy dolls -- which I will keep locked and only enter armed. :-)

Cinema Du Meep said...

That would be definitely something. I'd love to visit that room, but I'd bring an axe with me just in case.

Scott (gotankgo) said...

any movie with John Vernon chewing the scenery gets my interest - this movie got lots of play on early 80s cable too

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