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Thursday, October 21, 2010

31 More Days Of October Terror: 10/21

Day Twenty-one:

Visiting Hours
A Twentieth Century Fox/Canadian Film Development Corporation Film
Original Theatrical Release Date: May 28th, 1982

Lee Grant (Shampoo, Damien: Omen II) stars in this chilling 1982 Canadian slasher set mostly inside of a hospital. William Shatner (!) co-stars as her would-be savior, and most importantly of all, Michael Ironside as the best horror movie creep of the early 80's. With Lee as a laid-up in the hospital TV Show Host, the picture touches on some feminist themes, but it has the intelligence enough to never hit you over the head with them.

Already for a slasher of the time Visting Hours has carved out a nice blood line for itself with a good cast and smarts, but the film also delivers the scares. With it's great setting and diabolical killer, the film steps above many of the the rest and was certainly one of my most memorable movie going experiences. By the time you get to the final act with Ironside dressed in a bizarre get-up (see pic below) you'll be simultaneously saying What The F! and holding onto your seat. I know I did. Oh, and, dig the girl with the crimped hair (Lenore Zann from Happy Birthday To Me)

 The sublime utter creepiness of Michael Ironside in Visiting Hours


Colonel Mortimer said...

I finally caught this about three or four months ago, I've had the poster for a few years now.

Ironside is amazing, though I couldn't help but notice that his character suffers from some serious attention deficit issues. He goes to kill Lee Grant's character in the hospital, gets the wrong room, so he kills the woman in that room, then begins stalking the nurse and attacks her roommate. If he was a little more focused, I got to believe he would have accomplished his goals.

Andrew Green said...

Ah, nothing like a nice slasher flick....
Would you happen to know if this one was once released under another title? I could swear I've seen it before, but that it was called something else.

Cinema Du Meep said...


That's a good point. I guess they don't call 'em crazies for nuthin'!


From what I can tell it was also know as Get Well Soon and The Fright.

Yum-Yum said...

I'd go see "The Girl with the Crimped Hair." :)

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