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Friday, September 10, 2010

DVD Evaders: Two Director's firsts - Seizure (1974) & Fear, Anxiety And Depression (1989)

from American International Pictures & Astral Films 
Original Theatrical Release Date: September 29th, 1974

The very first from the director of Platoon, Wall Street and JFK. And a horror film to boot! Seizure is bizarre and a product of it's time (and probably the drugs from it's director) and features the unlikely cast of Mary Woronov, Troy Donahue and Herve Villechaize. This first effort from the now revered filmmaker deserves a real DVD release (There are terrible looking bootlegs floating out there) so we can get a look at the beginnings of things to come... Which unfortunately for us is the soon to be released and likely to be unnecessary sequel, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.
Fear, Anxiety And Depression
A Samuel Goldwyn Film  
Original Theatrical Release Date: December 8th, 1989

Todd Solondz wrote, directed and starred in his first feature film. A "quirky" independent film that seems at times heavily influenced by early Woody Allen. FEAR itself doesn't quite stack up against Allen's films all that well, but it's well worth a watch to see Solondz's own unique brand of humor and satire at work.. A lot of which really came into play in his subsequent features. It's also a fun peek into NYC and the art world scene of the late 80's. Trivia: Solondz, like Stone, also released a sequel to one of his past works this year, this one called Life During Wartime. It features several characters from his epic cinema dive into comedy and misery, Happiness.


The Film Connoisseur said...

I thought The Hand (which I recently reviewed) was Stone's first, I quickly learnd Seizure came before it, and before Seizure he also did another vietnam film called LAST YEAR IN VIETNAM (1971) which I havent seen either cause like Seizure, it isnt out on dvd.

mauricio.jx said...

gosh! I was only appear where you put a movie talking about what I feel right now! and still made me want to see the movie, but I stopped buying my downloaded movies and torrents sucks. well, that's it, man

Andrew Green said...

Both of these look incredible....
Hey, speaking of movies that haven't been released on DVD, you ever seen a film called "Tunnel Vision"? I picked it up at a thrift shop the other day on an old crusty VHS.

Sadako said...

Todd Solondz is all kinds of interesting. (And I mean that in a genuine way...not sure I like or hate him but the guy never boress.) Am going to put this in my queue!

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