Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Roger Corman back on DVD

Cult movie fans rejoice!

Starting in May the DVD label Shout Factory! will be releasing films from Roger Corman's New World Pictures library.

A lot of these titles have been out of print for some time now. There will be all new transfers & special editions and others will mark the first time the films have been available on the format. BLU-RAY will be made available for a few titles as well.


Rock 'N Roll High School - DVD & BLU-RAY

Death Race 2000 - DVD & BLU-RAY
Death Sport/Battle Truck


Attack Of The Crab Monsters/Not Of This Earth
Forbidden World
Galaxy Of Terror


Piranha - DVD & BLU-RAY
Humanoids From The Deep
Up From The Depths/Demon Of Paradise

Battle Beyond The Stars
Not Of This Earth (1988)
Time Walker/Death Space

And more to come!


The Film Connoisseur said...

Damn, those are good news, Ive been dying to see Galaxy of Terror for the longest time! And Suburbia as well!

LitaMalibu said...

That will be the third dvd release of RRHS. But, Suburbia, I love that movie! Not to be confused with that Gen X one from a few years back!

Liza Marie said...

Humanoids From the Deep! Yay! Thanks for the news, this has made my day much brighter.

Cinema Du Meep said...

Suburbia is all kinds of awesome. They really need to release that director's Decline Of Western Civilization movies. So good.

Mitch said...

Agreed, this is real good news, I already own Suburbia and R & R High School, but I have been wanting Galaxy Of Terror forever!

FilmFather said...

Lessee here...

Death Race 2000...cool. My VHS copy has seen better days.

Galaxy of Terror...nice. I haven't seen it since it ran on HBO back in the early '80s. Still can't get Erin Moran's head-crushing out of my own noggin.

Humanoids from the Deep...sweet. Again, haven't enjoyed that since its HBO run. One of those forbidden fruits that my mom turned off because, of all things, they showed boobies in that tent scene.

And...wait a minute...is it?...IT IS!...BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS!...FINE-ally...The best Star Wars ripoff ever is coming to DVD! Can't beat the cast: Sybill Danning, John Saxon, George Preppard...wow.

Thanks for posting this!

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