Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meep Pic Of The Week: Jekyll & Hyde Together Again (1982)

Jekyll & Hyde...Together Again
A Paramount Pictures release 
Original theatrical release date: December 3rd, 1982  
DVD Release: Yes

Imagine if you will that we lived in a world where a movie was birthed out of the cocaine craze of the early 80's. Also imagine that movie to be completely in the vein of Airplane!... A send-up of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale in a modern hospital setting. The 70's had their Airport movies, in the early 80's our eyes were glued to the TV with St. Elsewhere, Trapper John and the seemingly never ending MASH. Thankfully we live in this world because we get to watch a completely nutso film like Jekyll & Hyde Together Again.

It's been a long favorite of mine for years, I've given the VHS a good run. MIRACULOUSLY it has been released on DVD from Legend Films a couple of years back. This movie will make you giddy with delight. Leading man (and Friday's co-star) Mark Blankfield handles his dual role really well and has great comic timing. What ever happened to him? And for that matter, what about his cute & bitchy co-star Krista Errickson (Little Darlings)

There's a joke or three a minute here, not all of them work, but you'll be satisfied and begging for more by film's end. Like the totally inappropriate but accurate tagline suggests, It's a real toot!



Tommy Salami said...

My goodness, I hadn't thought about this move in nearly 20 years now. Thanks for reminding me about it, it's now in my Netflix queue!

The Film Connoisseur said...

A coke head movie, with an Zucker Abrahams sensibility? Sounds like a trip. I saw only one other coke head comedy in my life and that was Cheech and Chongs Nice Dreams. ON that one Cheech and Chong snort some white powder with Pee Wee Herman himself! Paul Reubens! Ever seen that one?

TheGreatWhiteDope said...

Hey; someone else who has the guts to share their feelings about this movie!

I did that, my own self:

As they say, opinions vary.... :D

Great review!


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